Inside 'The Chew' Co-Host Daphne Oz's Fridge

"The Chew" co-host reveals the kitchen staples in her home with "GMA."
6:51 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Inside 'The Chew' Co-Host Daphne Oz's Fridge
It's a lot of cases we've that I can give us annually may not seem like that too little tiny but finally kitchen and made it feel it one more chore at the end of our day. And I deal he's strategy. Pass for eight Mike an advance on Sundays only can be accessed until parking Margaret's son whatever it is not us not let up until the course of the day. So I hop into the home and cook on the coming phone back to bid on Clinton's strategy to side dishes salads soups and whatever you aggressively. Hamilton not making a double that's what everything means I will make. Let me might want to teach classes on a four. And that same this Washington's take back and it's not simply putting your name you can chop and that is silent so it just goes a long way. Towards meeting your life easier when that happened. And I might just doesn't turn again to repeat that yes I hope you need us up so this is my seeks follow water it's cheap number eleven sparklers and it basically we just he'll want to come Graham one lemon. We generated in a blender and the need top did winds at us air and water. And you if you wanted to little sweetie that's deviate McCree that mix here but. He topped with champagne but not a lot of and until of the spots and. Copyright trademark making it happen again and I'll have. Sausage being sausage and I don't they market you know. This individual has. League despite okay at this and asked. This is unbelievably glad. Myself I'm sorry but you can stop. While we're here and I like channel my DirecTV and immediately test all of his. Prison he zealously keeping her friends. Let bidding yeah. Yes let me say grace whose record immediately yeah yeah. Okay first the beautiful are. Latest cancellations as is often on his creation any. I'm all Selig. Apparently didn't even better of him Jurassic. Yeah. The color these yeah you know we're innocently classic. Yeah. But don't citizens you know there are gives us that somebody now suddenly now she's legs. So you know drop Ryan Seacrest and bring an average Vietnam when the footage from the scene it's yes as you don't quite likes to be displayed. Let's see what I had in my fridge. Yeah like a top two or three light must pass. Must have especially his mind. Check out a lot of sleep on an outside. Calories or sugar and fat I'm I'm always a big fan actually pretty easy lying. My I'm all of hot on my eyes went right here I'm right she's in need you need and you end up causing your back but I love yeah. Hello I haven't gotten the appointment Hollywood. And I love these are just collaborate Chile an all an ambulance Alec Chilean mine mustard have a ton of different mustard that I use. I don't salad dressing an inch aren't people going a look at not only what does that mean. It makes it happen. Yup sounds a huge source of calories but when you have aren't meetings at the keys behind six this. And that's how I think our you know even a weakness I think about it. Balancing when it needs. Is that crap I think it's healthy options and then make the dishes I want to indulge with a side dish so that you're never been deprived bigger instilling things that are really didn't you know. Good for you kids and a another thing that I ha. That's egg butter always battered dollar cut in vacant because you can I'm Soledad that you can always add salt. And greatly the salt is usually in matter to keep you from keeping prisoner whose music and stayed out longer news older. You from being able to T but it might content development that also keeping an unsolved disgrace. What else what other goodies I think you have to happen here we all want the people don't know. Not. To get their refrigerator not all of fat. That was bad when it's warm temperature or exposed to a lot of Blake. Thank you might not inner critic you my flowers and stuffed in the freezer in choosing a burger restaurants fail in the street. Come back to meet changing my non not confused during a citizen dog alive she's nominated to run over Italy's cabinet best. It's getting out of this kind of thought they so much fun. And my freezer I had a variety. My warrior while action mother arrested him I'm happy especially for busy parents my kids love and I get so easy to demand from the toaster. But I wanted to version that hats and fibrous protein signing my word wow all of their elevated. Saints last year or cheesy they have coty patterns they really keep. Even an adult you and I don't want a lot of work asphalt. By an anti ice cream giant last. It was like from people who love dessert it's less than trying to keep calories from. And I guess and so it's great. Com and I do not object. Amazing. Will let you know yeah yeah yeah yeah. He's missing yeah. Few mobile T yeah yeah yeah. You're right yeah I have never sounded better dance partner tail a leg. We don't really intensely came out. It was so organic and I had to recently he Levy's lines at some greater scrutiny just. And song. If you bought or he's just like this planet you got it. He's and it's like stats which all kinds of it is not. Let's just think that for sure. So much. Follow you these grants you this. Jerry continues. To help you want and it's what I loved what you said reinvesting yourself because that's like these keywords of reinventing yourself. Pre. Investing. You know he should be printing that I combat but I. You statement like coming in part make it easy for him that the domestic got sound. System and. Amazing how we will see you see coming up this the final days. Well yeah I think I have the best face in the there you go so instead sat. Molly and you have everywhere and you are thinks I'm. Yeah really get the. Turkey is my pretty sister are getting our. Yeah he's got plenty of late next week with more surveillance bracelet for now happened right everybody. Made weekends.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"\"The Chew\" co-host reveals the kitchen staples in her home with \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44603954","title":"Inside 'The Chew' Co-Host Daphne Oz's Fridge","url":"/GMA/video/inside-chew-host-daphne-ozs-fridge-44603954"}