Inside 'Hillaryland': A Look At Clinton's 'Enemy List' and Her 'Open-Door Policy' For 2016

The authors of "HRC" on whether the scandals of the Clintons' past will harm Hillary's presidential hopes.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside 'Hillaryland': A Look At Clinton's 'Enemy List' and Her 'Open-Door Policy' For 2016
Hello and welcome -- top line I'm Rick Klein and ABC news -- -- knocks from Yahoo! News our guests on this edition of top line. HRC state secrets. And the rebirth of Hillary Clinton let's jump right in on the news because we have seen just in the last couple weeks echoes of vocalists echoes of the 1990s scandals come back. The Clinton folks must have known this stuff would be out there what is their -- what is their sense of if she runs again how do you deal with the scale of the night. Words -- on the -- and her talking about these allegations are false. Advocates of Markowitz. President Clinton's and Hillary Clinton's approval -- shot up through the monocle with -- one of the reasons she. Karl Rove and some of the other Republican establishment warning. Folks like Rand -- to stay away from them because. It didn't help Republican speculative that is certainly. Help them stop some of the Clinton agenda but in terms of popularity in terms of ratings it wasn't helpful. But -- Morris a figure that elections are about the future and -- -- -- Wilson told -- certainly -- -- appellate. In any sense of -- -- the -- that -- prepared -- -- they've been playing it's not new or for -- she's been under the limelight for two decades that. No I think they're saying it's old -- -- Yeah let's -- warrants you guys haven't really -- department book about a I hit list and enemies list and what you -- -- -- -- but just among us is retirement. How do you you're not I don't know exactly I'm only asking -- -- I don't know that's creative. One to 71 of the most loyal seven the most treacherous -- at twelfth and August. No this is a list of members of congress democratic members of congress and how they -- pursued by the clintons. You from the 2000 campaign. That's up from one to seven. You're very loyal to go out as a surrogate -- will be under one. If you -- them some oil field we due to -- -- didn't give it even some problems remain neutral. And look seven's John Kerry Ted Kennedy who -- -- -- -- on the seven with I'm not getting revive it by 2016 all is forgiven and forgotten. What I think -- want to give an open door policy to people who want to come back. Shatter that highest. Hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you. It's got about eighteen million tracks in its. -- Did you guys get a sense of lessons learned here from the from the Hillary people what did they take from 2008 how do you think they would approach when sixteen different which she dead in 2000 it was she called some close games in -- her office and -- her house and she said what the hell that we hear on here. I think she learned a few things -- she learned that if she didn't embrace the fact that she was a woman candidate. I think she learned that technology plays a big role in campaigns that the bomber -- you know in terms of organizing in terms fundraising. And I think she learned that there was a certain arrogance at the top from her off. Terms of like -- waste oil and Mark Penn I think you're not gonna see any of those players obviously player on her campaign this time around how. How is Hillary Clinton herself in your judgment changed since the 2008 campaign it's been awhile since we saw her and the politics. Very good chance legacy -- how's -- going to be. I think on many levels I think she's gonna embrace the fact that she is a woman candidate I don't think she's going to be parading around in dresses -- -- -- fixing. In essence it -- -- in -- talk about what this is a history making being away President Obama talks about it and I think she's gonna let some of her. You know them more natural Hillary Clinton's -- -- you know what I came into the stuck thinking she was -- buttoned up. And I saw different -- earnings in places you know one of the things that we solace. The way she acted strong background react to attend a cardboard cut out she calls him and she leaves and that's really funny message and she's you know I haven't seen a picture -- -- -- apparently screen. I think her aides are very conscious of the fact that fat side of Hillary Clinton didn't come through the first time and we're gonna steal more about this time around. Secretary of state is supposed to be an apolitical position didn't -- -- Clinton. Disappear from politics for four years no -- at all this is someone who remained. And changed but certainly not in the public levels should have been very toxic to the president on domestic policy. Talks to herself -- And now publicly -- congress. Where are racing Republicans tired health care they're already saying hello Hillary had her fingerprints on it she's obviously very involved and -- So I think we're not only in here -- be a major topic -- health care. John Allen any part of the new book is HRC congratulations and good luck I think he's. That does it for this edition of top line you can watch us all week long at And -- Yahoo! News. For ABC news I'm Rick Klein for Yahoo! News I'm Olivier Knox and of course like us next time.

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{"id":22591705,"title":"Inside 'Hillaryland': A Look At Clinton's 'Enemy List' and Her 'Open-Door Policy' For 2016","duration":"3:00","description":"The authors of \"HRC\" on whether the scandals of the Clintons' past will harm Hillary's presidential hopes.","url":"/GMA/video/inside-hillaryland-clintons-enemy-list-open-door-policy-22591705","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}