Inside the Making of a Super Bowl Commercial

An ad for Mexican avocados is one of the most-anticipated commercials of Super Bowl 50.
3:13 | 02/01/16

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Transcript for Inside the Making of a Super Bowl Commercial
We're counting down to the big game. One of the most anticipated questions for, Jesse, that people wouldn't guess. It's about avocados. And why? Guacomol sierks one of the most popular snacks all year. A record 278 million avocados are going to be eaten this super bowl Sunday. That's a good thing. They'll be able to pay the millions of dollars they need for the ad and then some. With the next pick in the first draft ever -- Australia selects the kangaroo. Yes. I like that pick. Reporter: One of the most talked about ads run in last year's super bowl. They weren't selling beer. They were selling, would you believe -- avocados. And Mexico selects the avocado. Great pick. Reporter: They're back this year again. The ad agency invited "Good morning America" behind the scenes for a sneak peek for one of the most anticipated ads of super bowl 50 this is futuristic museum of culture in America. And this is white and gold dress that caused the civil war. Reporter: In this year's ad, scot Baio makes an appearance. I got a call from my agent. Avocados from Mexico wanted to do a commercial with me. Reporter: While Scott eats avocados. My wife says they're a good fat. Reporter: Add up to $4.5 million ad on the super bowl. That's a loft avocados. The amount sold in the week leading up to the super bowl and turned it into guacomole higher than a goalpost. We're weird sitting there. You watch the super bowl spot and you look down and you wait for ten seconds and see what Twitter says. You're like, oh, gosh, we're good. Anybody want to feed Scott Baio it's included in the price of admission. Scott told us he's not told anyone of his friends that he shot an ad for the super bowl. So, hopefully, they're not watching "Good morning America" this morning or otherwise, surprise. Another big exclusive. Your first look at the mini cooper ad. Lot of big stars in it. Serena Williams and Abby Wambach to name a couple. Even you as a former player, are you into the commercials -- You know, I go to the game every year and watch as a fan. The only thing that's not great about being at the game you don't get to see the mechelles. That's right. That's not cool. We're going to console Jesse over missing the commercials. We'll give you some commercials right now When we come back, can you cook yourself to a younger you?

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"An ad for Mexican avocados is one of the most-anticipated commercials of Super Bowl 50.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36637516","title":"Inside the Making of a Super Bowl Commercial ","url":"/GMA/video/inside-making-super-bowl-commercial-36637516"}