Inside the new season of 'Live PD'

ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams takes viewers inside his A&E docuseries for a real-time look at law enforcement.
3:10 | 10/09/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside the new season of 'Live PD'
Back now with a blockbuster new series "Live pd" showing police officers making real life or death decisions in realtime. All across the country. Really and "Live pd" sky rocketing in viewers, not a surprise. The host, part of it, second season and jumping right into the national debate over policing and Dan Abrams, you dive into some pretty important stuff. Good morning, guys. There's a lot in this show about police and policing but it's also about how all of this impacts people's lives in a big way. Stop right there. Get back. Reporter: In A&E's docu-series "Live pd" I'm joined by former police officer Tom Morris. We go back to our six apartments. Reporter: Offering an authentic transparent look at law enforcement as it happens in realtime. Interesting legal question. Was it a break-in to the house. Reporter: In the season debut officers in streetsborough, Ohio, answer a domestic disturbance call after a man was attacked by his estranged wife and new boyfriend. I was laying on the couch. They came in to see the kids. Yes. Reporter: The couple's child caught the entire ordeal on a smartphone. Going to arrest him. That's the first time we've seen that on "Live pd" where someone used their cell phone to actually film an altercation and sorted out immediately for the police as to who did what. Because typically what you'll see is something like that introduced later in a trial but the idea of the police officers arrive at the scene. You hand them the smartphone and say this is how it happened. That's the sort of thick we see on the show on a regular basis meaning things we've never seen before and the use of technology, et cetera. A major push for transparency because this is live and big, small, how many counties, departments across the country are involved. At any one time with let's say 8 to 12, one show has six at once. Remember, we're on for six hours a week. Two nights, Friday and Saturday three hours per night. So there's a lot of time to fill there and so we have six departments on one show but we tend to rotate a little bit to mix it up. We want different kinds of departments, we've got everything from local police departments to state troopers to sheriff's departments, et cetera and there's a little bit of different policing in each of those different kinds of department there is yeah, I want to get back to what you said about the smartphones. They've been transformational for departments and communities in watching it all transpire. Absolutely because there's no better piece of evidence than that. This is such a heartfelt issue talking about an estranged wife and the kids there, et cetera. And, you know, that's one of the things we have to keep in mind when doing the show, the impact this has on people's lives. I mean there was another story that we did this weekend where a mother was driving her three kids, she had suspended tags on her license plate. Turns out she was wanted on an outstanding warrant. They literally had to get someone to come pick up her kids because she couldn't drive. She was going to be arrested right there. So there's a real human impact. It's important. As Dan said you can see him live "Live pd" every Friday and Saturday on a and and E. Thanks, guys. See you soon, Dan.

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{"id":50364341,"title":"Inside the new season of 'Live PD'","duration":"3:10","description":"ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams takes viewers inside his A&E docuseries for a real-time look at law enforcement.","url":"/GMA/video/inside-season-live-pd-50364341","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}