Inside Target's New Concept Pop-Up Shop

Customers at New York City's Target Wonderland shop with RFID-enabled keys instead of shopping carts.
3:01 | 12/08/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Target's New Concept Pop-Up Shop
Let's move on now to -- the Christmas season, the holiday season. We have a look at the future of shopping online. Sales are soaring this holiday season. And that is forcing stores to rethink the entire shopping experience and ABC's Rebecca Jarvis is here with that story. Good morning, Rebecca. Reporter: Hey, Amy, good morning to you. They are getting a lot more creative rolling out loads of new technology to make your in-store experience easier, more entertaining and most importantly to help you get the very best deals. We got a sneak peek at target's newest concept. This morning, a retail revolution, with foot traffic down and online sales up 14% this holiday, retailers are reimaging the in-store experience. Target inviting us in for an exclusive first look at their latest concept. Is this the future? Let's go shopping. Target wonder land, a temporary pop-up shop in New York City opening tomorrow. Instead of a shopping cart customers walk around with these, rfid enabled keys. Technology that lets you tap what you want to buy and automatically transmits it to a digital shopping cart. I hope when you walk into a target store in the future, it's as inspiring to shop and it can be as easy to shop as simply scanning your token. Reporter: The new interactive experience also including a giant etch a sketch -- all right, time to shake it out. Interactive video games. Boom. And a visit with Santa. Santa! Reporter: Via satellite at the north pole all meant to keep customers in stores and shopping up a storm. We are testing different things all around the country. The more we can make the actual shopping experience fun again, exciting again and easy, that's really the magic. Reporter: Target isn't 9 O the only retailer reinventing theive-store experience from Ralph Lauren and Rebecca men cough adding interactive mirrors. That's cute. To monitors inside megamakeup chain sephora stores where you can get personal recommendations at the touch of a button. Target has to improve the in-store experience. Otherwise people would just shop online. Reporter: 0% of shopping carts are abandoned before checking out. That means customers are much Moore likely to complete their purchases. Rfid technology will definitely take offer. Reporter: That rfid technology allows them to wirelessly transmit product info. Here's the reason all of these are so important to retailers. We as shoppers are a lot more likely to make impulse purchases in-stores than we are online. I'm hearing a lot of retailers are looking at this because not only do we abandon the carts when online but we also don't do the impulse purchases in store. Do we buy more regrettable purchases when we're there? Go shop. Thank you, Rebecca. Let's head outside to

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Customers at New York City's Target Wonderland shop with RFID-enabled keys instead of shopping carts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35642105","title":"Inside Target's New Concept Pop-Up Shop","url":"/GMA/video/inside-targets-concept-pop-shop-35642105"}