Internet Confused by Viral Cat

No one can figure out whether the cat is going up or down a set of stairs.
1:11 | 04/10/15

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Transcript for Internet Confused by Viral Cat
Number the picture Madras from a few months ago George and I thought it was white gold Robin and Amy thought it was blue lack. So now the next tradition in this again another heated debate this morning. This is about a catch. Is it going up the stairs were down the stairs first asked viewers usually say down but the vehemence kind of flat images posted on nine. On a website is racked up thousands of comment is this once this was different. This the weight in gold as they only ever so why go like they usually aside. Also some people say maybe if you say it's going down because you can see the front edge of the stairs and the the red light up an account. Those arguing that the cat's going up the stairs say that bright patches of floor at the bottom of the stairs. I do what is it. And that is that is that the esoteric questions that the attack us. You know can tell us that it's it's up to you when it what you tell me is an up or down I sit as well. I don't look not very politically correct I thought I saw how about you there's also the cat lovers say the caps put up their tail and going down mission. That was you know who put up their tails Obama godsey counts bet you this is proof that cats are magical mysterious creatures. Here. You all other animals.

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{"duration":"1:11","description":"No one can figure out whether the cat is going up or down a set of stairs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30224684","title":"Internet Confused by Viral Cat ","url":"/GMA/video/internet-confused-viral-cat-30224684"}