Iowa School Requires Heart Rate Monitors in Gym Class

Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains how using heart rate monitors could benefit kids.
3:13 | 08/18/14

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Transcript for Iowa School Requires Heart Rate Monitors in Gym Class
Making sure our children eat right and stay in shape, concerns for many, many parents. But one Iowa district is taking things to the next level. Requiring middle and high school students to wear heart monitors in gym class. The results recorded on an iPad, and displayed on a large projector in the gym. Teachers will know if any of the children aren't engaging in the activity as much as they should based on their individual target heart rate, and the results will factor into their grade. Push it. You do. Something different. Okay. Jen Ashton, you want to weigh in on this? First of all, full disclosure. I use one of these heart rate monitors. This is mine. It reads the heart rate on the wrist, around your waist, around the sternum. For adults, it can completely transform your workout. These Numbers don't lie. I'm working hard, this is a great work youth, and look at the heart rate, it's not as high as you think. When you think about this for teenagers and middle school kids, pros and cons. My teenage daughter uses one when she trains. She's almost 15. 12-year-olds, 13-year-olds, this is targeting kid in the language they speak. Very tech savvy. Make it a game. To put it up on a projector like that? A competition. I know, right? You'd be gunning for the number one score. Spur kids on, too. It does. My daughter has one of those Nike fuels. She loves to see the number of steps each day. The technology makes it fun and takes the stigma out of it. I would worry that the real athletic kids could be like, look -- you know -- it could lead to some bullying. Any time you can encourage young kids to be active. And teaching them. We'll see. So far not a bad idea. And a different kind of vacati vacation. Marketing firms saying that Na nakationing are on the rise. Relaxing in the buff. About not letting your clothes get in the way of a good time. Why would you? One resort owner says it's about how to undress to destress. That is big business. The American association of nude recreation -- who knew there was an association -- I have been a long-time member. $440 million a year. We were on vacation, there was an area like that very close by. We didn't go to it, we were told about it. A and it is a big trend. To each his own. Good for you if that doesn't stress you out. Light packing, don't worry about losing your suitcase. Stress-free in some ways. Let's think what everybody at home thinks about that. Here's what you said. 15% said, yes. 85% agreed with Amy, far too

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{"id":25020604,"title":"Iowa School Requires Heart Rate Monitors in Gym Class","duration":"3:13","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains how using heart rate monitors could benefit kids.","url":"/GMA/video/iowa-school-requires-heart-rate-monitors-gym-class-25020604","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}