'Iron Chef' Stars Help Lara and Josh Re-Do Failed Dish

Nate Appleman, Alex Guarnaschelli help "GMA" anchors make meatballs and poach eggs.
3:00 | 11/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Iron Chef' Stars Help Lara and Josh Re-Do Failed Dish
First, we're going to get to that cookdown, smackdown. Between josh and lara. They're trying to redeem themselves after some of their culinary mishaps here on our own "gma" set. And they have the best coaches possible. Two of the competitors from "the next iron chef: Redemption." Nate appleton. And before we get started, you're raring to go. We want to look back at how lara didn't pass the poached egg test. Really? You have to go there. Lara, are you ready for this? Why are you picking up the vinegar? This is what I do. You're going to crack the egg into a round first. The reason I do that first, if you break the egg like that, you can start again. Okay. This way -- we have a new show. It's called reck a chef. It was a good try. I thought it was a good try. You're groaning. I'm sorry. You're going to make poached scrambled eggs with prosciutto. I'm going to show you how to do it. It's a fool-proof method. Are we going to do it before josh is? Yes. Let's do this. I'm listening. Water. Egg. I got that. Want to create a vortex. You scramble the egg and you throw them into the water. You spin the water like that. Spin the water, pour it in. Why not do a traditional scrambled egg? What's better about a poached egg? They're soft and a lot cleaner, actually. Okay. No oil, no butter. I love that, though. You want me to do it? Done. 20 seconds? That's it? That doesn't look right. I'm sorry. I'll let you do that. I did it. There they are. Yes. Good job. You have redeemed yourself. Yes. And you do what with the spinach and the cheese? It's really easy. Rye toast, spinach, a little prosciutto, some of the eggs on top. A great combination of spinach and prosciutto. And do you like it open-faced or closed? It depends. It's all up to you. Looking a tad messy there. No, it's not. Look how that works. This is "iron chef." Now, we're going to go to josh. Josh, you kind of -- excuse me. Sam, I'm going to move our blindfolded judge. You screwed up on the turkey meatballs. I'm sorry. It was just turkey. A turkey carving catastrophe. No lives. Take a look. You want to take the full breast off. Ow. Are we okay? Are you -- oh. No. I guess we know who won this contest. He plays hurt. Alex is here to help you. We're swapping out turkey. We don't want anymore bleeding on the set. That's good. With turkey meatballs. I wanted to redeem you. I made a meatball. Thank you. And I breaded them in corn meal like this, to give it a little thanksgiving panache. Just drop the meatball and step away from the knife. Done. And when they're all browned, we drop them in here. And I need you to stir. Look how you're doing. Fantastic. I will say, alex can speak to the bacon. Remember the bacon with emulsified candy? I like to create a little pillow. And let's have a meatball with a little sauce on there. Has our judge, sam, tried the sandwich? I gave him a little bite. He's going to get one more bite because it's so good. Lara is feeding sam. Like the baby brother he is. Sam, go over and have josh's. Come on. Right here. You know, I can't hear or see anything. Right? You know that, right? Ready? Does he need a pallet cleanser? He's ready. Take your time. Ready? Here you go, buddy. Who loves you? Who loves you, sam? Lara, I love you. I honestly do. Give me a hug because I'm going to let josh win. You know, I finally thought george wasn't in the competition. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You are delightful. That was delicious. The golden whisk goes to josh. I'm okay with that. Excellent. We have the great recipes. I want to say, alex is phenomenal. Watch her on "the next iron chef: Redemption," sundays on the food network. You can get the recipes you saw here, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Sam, you look great in a smoking jacket. You look terrific. Now that we've won, we think you look great. Oh. Do you want seconds? It's 8:40 in the morning. Only one could win. They're both delicious.

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{"id":17671546,"title":"'Iron Chef' Stars Help Lara and Josh Re-Do Failed Dish","duration":"3:00","description":"Nate Appleman, Alex Guarnaschelli help \"GMA\" anchors make meatballs and poach eggs.","url":"/GMA/video/iron-chef-stars-nate-appleman-alex-guarnaschelli-lara-17671546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}