ISIS Militants Document Their March Towards Baghdad

Insurgent group posts photos of executed Iraqi soldiers during their campaign in the northern part of the country.
4:10 | 06/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ISIS Militants Document Their March Towards Baghdad
levels You're about to see a social media launched by insurgents taken over huge swaths of Iraq. President Obama weighs on whether to intervene. Our coverage begins with terry Moran on the ground. Reporter: The battle for Iraq is changing today. That advance by the jihadist has slowed down the Iraqi forces are finally fighting back. They have retaken some territory around Baghdad. But the Iraqi government is still pleading with the U.S. To help and the situation remains desperate. This is "The view" from the Iraqi soldiers' perspective, a video posted online unver official, showing Iraqi forces engaged in a firefight earlier this week. If they lose, they face unspeakable horror and they know it. The Isis used social media as a weapon, a terror weapon, these images posted last night on a Twitter account reliably linked to Isis but unverifiable. Shows Iraqi civilians taken by prisoners, packed into trucks and mercilessly executed. Isis claims they boast they executed 1007 men like this. The leader of Isis was in U.S. Custody in Iraq for four years, when he was released in 2009, his parting words to U.S. Troops, "I'll see you in new York." The U.S. Has set the aircraft carrier into the persian gulf, in case president Obama decides to take military action here to protect American lives. And one more development in these fast-moving events, Iran's leaders say they are willing to work with the United States, the great state in their view, in order to fight Isis. U.s. Officials say there have been no contacts between U.S. And Iran, yet. Terry Moran, thank you. President Obama's national security team is meeting throughout this weekend, trying to figure out how to respond. A short while ago, I spoke with ABC's chief white house correspondent Jonathan Karl. Good morning, we know that the president has ruled out sending in American ground troops, what are the options are on the table? The president personally approved of the movement of the aircraft carrier into the persian gulf, that is happening now, the president is looking at a possible range of air strikes, manned and unmanned air strikes over Iraq. The president put a serious condition on it, before U.S. Military action, the Iraqi government, president malachi, has to put together a plan to solve the problems that led to this in the first place. They see zero indication that he's moving in that direction. He doesn't have any history of reaching out to other groups the republicans are loudly criticizing the Obama administration for pulling out too quickly, back in 2011, are there any voices in the administration saying, well, maybe the republicans are right about that. They're defensive about this. One, having a small residual force left in Iraq would not have made a difference, would not have prevented this situation, they make the point that it was the Iraqis that pulled away from that agreement. So, in other words, it didn't make much of a difference and it wasn't our fault. Jon Karl, thank you. Jon will have much more on this crisis when he hosts "This week" later this morning, including a live report from ABC's Martha Raddatz who has just arrived in Baghdad.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Insurgent group posts photos of executed Iraqi soldiers during their campaign in the northern part of the country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24144863","title":"ISIS Militants Document Their March Towards Baghdad","url":"/GMA/video/isis-militants-document-march-baghdad-24144863"}