Israel Accused of Launching Missile Strikes in Syria

Syria's civil war starts to draw potential military involvement from outside nations.
1:54 | 05/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Israel Accused of Launching Missile Strikes in Syria
We have another development overnight. Explosions in the capital of syria. The israelis beinged of launching air strikes. It comes at a sensitive time. President obama, sticking to his pledge that he's not taking any options off the table. Alex marquardt is in jerusalem. Reporter: Well, israeli officials are staying very tight-lipped about the reports of air strikes last night. Syria accuses israel of hitting a research center on the outskirts of damascus. It's the same research center that israel is accused of hitting back in january. There's reports of strikes on other military targets, including an arms depot on t mountain that overlooks damascus. If confirmed, this would be the second set of israeli strikes in 48 hours. Israel is accused of hitting a shipment of ground-to-ground iranian-made missiles, headed for the lebanese militant group, hezbollah. And we're seeing reports of an air strike from syrian militants and activists, as well. Any sense that the israelis are worried about a retaliatory strike? Reporter: Well, it's clear that tensions are very high. Israel just today moved two of its famous iron dome anti-missile batteries up into the north, covering the borders of lebanon and syria. We're getting reports from a tv network close to the syrian regime that they held an emergency meeting to decide what their response should be. But perhaps in a sign that israel doesn't think that there could be imminent retaliation, prime minister benjamin netanyahu is returning with a planned trip to china. He's leaving tonight. His departure was delayed for a couple of hours to meet with thecabinet. No confirmation from the israelis that they did launch that strike. Alex, the developing story. Thank you so much.

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{"id":19111656,"title":"Israel Accused of Launching Missile Strikes in Syria","duration":"1:54","description":"Syria's civil war starts to draw potential military involvement from outside nations.","url":"/GMA/video/israel-accused-launching-missile-strikes-syria-19111656","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}