Israeli Officers Accused of Beating Palestinian-American Teenager Respond

Authorities say the boy attacked officers and resisted arrest while protesting his cousin's death.
4:42 | 07/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Israeli Officers Accused of Beating Palestinian-American Teenager Respond
Overseas now to brand-new developments in Israel where an American teenager whose Palestinian cousin was murdered was brutally beaten and imprisoned by Israeli troops and say he attacked officers and resisted arrest while protesting his relative's death and Alex Marquardt has the latest from Jerusalem. Reporter: Good morning. Just a short time ago, Tariq Abu khdeir was released a conditional release. He will be placed under house arrest. He won't be able to return here to this neighborhood where his family has been staying and where the incident took place and will post a bail of $850. 15-year-old American Tariq Abu khdeir appearing in front of a judge in an Israeli court today released after being held without charges since Thursday. It is the unrelenting brutality of this video that is sending shock waves around the world as one Israeli policeman pins a young teen down, another repeatedly stomps on the boy's head. Then kneels down to keep pumping. His family immediately said the victim was Tariq, a rising sophomore born and raised in Tampa, Florida. This is what he looked like afterwards. Tariq was on summer vacation with his parents visiting their family in Jerusalem when we sat down with them, they were stunned and outraged. Palestinians live like this every day and say we'll deal with it. Us as Americans, it's not human. Reporter: It was Tariq's cousin 16-year-old Mohammed Abu khdeir who was killed on Wednesday after he was abducted and set on fire believed to have been carried out by Israelis looking for revenge for the recent murders of three jewish teens. An Israeli police spokesman told ABC news this morning that Tariq was part of a group of masked teens in the violent clashes that followed and says he resisted arrest and attacked 9 police would call this video edited and biased. Tariq's parents say he was playing with cousins at the wrong place at the wrong time. What would you say to the police officers who beat your son? Why? Why? Why couldn't you just walk him there? Why did you have to brutally beat him to almost to death? Reporter: And we have just learned that six suspects have been arrested in the murder of Mohammed Abu khdeir, Tariq's cousin Ard could go to Israeli media they are believed to be Israeli extremists seeking revenge for the murder of three Israeli teenagers. Bianna. Sure to be more investigation. Thank you. Now let's bring in Martha Raddatz in Washington where she's hosting "This week." Good morning, Martha. Tensions between the two are escalating by the day with two teenage American citizens now caught from the fray. One found dead last week. The other this Florida teen allegedly beaten by police. What if anything can the U.S. Do now to ease the situation and aid in the investigations? Well, the United States will definitely be part of this investigation. In fact, the state department said we are profoundly troubled by reports he was severely beaten while in police custody and strongly condemn the -- any excessive use of force. We are calling for a speedy transparent and credible investigation but because they're Americans involved the FBI, the justice department will likely be involved, as well. The United States is trying to calm things down. Is trying to calm both sides in this conflict. They do not want it to escalate further. The state department has a lot on their plate and Isis leader Baghdad di made a rare video appearance released yesterday. Many view it as a brazen display of their increasing strength in the region. What statement is he trying to make here and are U.S. Interests at greater risk now. This is it really a remarkable tape. If that man stood -- a man who a $10 million reward on his head standing in mosul, Iraq's second biggest city, a city that the United States once occupied. He is sending a very strong message that he is in charge. He urged people to join the jihad. He was very calm, obviously they have a media branch because that tape was put out almost immediately. The Iraqi government is denying that this tape is real. But the Iraqi government has been saying a lot of things particularly when I was there denying a lot of things that, in fact, are probably true. Iraqi government seems to become more and more weakened by the day. Martha, thank you. Be sure to join Martha later on ABC's "This week" when she will be tackling one of those pressing issues in the U.S., going one-on-one with Texas republican governor Rick Perry who wants illegal immigrants who flooded the border since October sent back home.

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{"id":24442550,"title":"Israeli Officers Accused of Beating Palestinian-American Teenager Respond","duration":"4:42","description":"Authorities say the boy attacked officers and resisted arrest while protesting his cousin's death.","url":"/GMA/video/israeli-officers-accused-beating-palestinian-american-teenager-respond-24442550","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}