Star Takes on 40-Year Old Trial, Imprisonment of Political Icon

Jada Pinkett Smith discusses the imprisonment of Angela Davis in "GMA' interview.
4:24 | 04/03/13

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Transcript for Star Takes on 40-Year Old Trial, Imprisonment of Political Icon
Amy. Jada pinkett smith wears many hats, an actress, writer, producer, director, wife and mother to her two children. Her latest passion project executive producing a new documentary together with husband will smith and jay-z, free angela and all political preisoners tells the story of angela davis whose trial on murder charges back in the early 1970s SPARKED INTERNATIONAL Protests. Take a look. And the attorney general arraigned me in california after the extradition, he indicated that he wanted the death penalty on each of the three charges. He wanted the death penalty three times. That made me realize how serious they were and again it made me realize that it wasn't about me because first of all I couldn't be killed three times. Yeah, and this is a fascinating documentary. A story that hasn't been told. Tell me how you got involved in the project. It's funny, my girlfriend brought me this documentary and I get projects that come to me all the time and I happened to be home one evening. I said, let me sit down and watch this and I was floored and I immediately called my girlfriend and I said, what do you need? And so when I came to new york, I met with the director, shala lynch and she said we need financing and distribution. Done. It's told through archival clips, original footage and that's expensive. It is expensive. It's not cheap. And why was the film so important to you? What are you hoping people take away from it when they watch? I found this to be a very important film because it is a powerful piece of american history like people think they know the story of angela davis and even think that we know all the different aspects of that particular era. But we don't and I felt like angela davis represented such a dynamic charismatic figure of this time and she really was in the middle of kind of the building blocks of the america that we see today. Yeah. So I think that it's a very important story to tell. I think people would be very surprised to really know what the story is all out. It's so great to watch it. We'll get everybody to see it. The director credited you with keeping the film afloat and said you used your celebrity and your power for good and also doing that on a couple of other topics including bullying and you actually took on and it's pretty interesting. Celebrities. Young celebrities who you say are being bullied by the press, by social media. Yeah. Tell me a little about what you wrote on facebook and what the reaction has been. You know, it's been interesting because I started with the idea of bullying but I'll tell you something, I've actually expanded my ideas on that after seeing all the press about this particular subject. Justin bieber. Justin bieber. Absolutely. Taylor swift. And I think we have to be very careful that we're not creating prejudiced attitudes that as a collective we're having a certain perspective about a certain group that you can justify treating a person lesser than because of certain qualities, right? So the idea that justin bieber is young, famous and rich, so people go, I don't need to care about justin bieber. He's, you know, he's justin bieber. Dehuman identifying them in a way. Dehumanizing them. Your children are celebrity children. Was that a huge motivation for you? You know what, to be honest with you, my children are good. You know what I mean? My children are fine, you know. I really have to say a lot of it had to do with what I was seeing in the press about taylor swift, about justin bieber especially. Your daughter giving up the She walked away. Interesting what she told your husband. She -- you know, that's what I love about my kids, that they are their own independent little people. So she said, I think I just want to be 12 and we said, great. Walking away from the role. You did something right. You've done a lot of things right. Jada pinkett smith, thank you very much. said, "free angela and all other political prisoners" opens this friday in selected theaters around the country.

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{"id":18869597,"title":"Star Takes on 40-Year Old Trial, Imprisonment of Political Icon","duration":"4:24","description":"Jada Pinkett Smith discusses the imprisonment of Angela Davis in \"GMA' interview.","url":"/GMA/video/jada-pinkett-smith-documentary-free-angela-young-celebrity-18869597","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}