James Caan is 'Back in the Game' With New Comedy

The Oscar-nominated actor steps up to the plate in a new series about America's favorite pastime.
3:39 | 09/25/13

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Transcript for James Caan is 'Back in the Game' With New Comedy
Right now, abc premiere week. And the stars are coming out to play with us. Our guest this morning has played more than 115 characters in a career that spans nearly 6 decades. From the oscar-nominated turn as sonny corleone. You didn't have to mention that. Be proud. Your work is so phenomenal. Everybody upstairs is talking about their favorite role. It's james caan. I'm so happy to see you. And you're with us on a show called "back in the game." What made you want to get back in the game on to primetime? The rent? No. I met I was doing movies. And the movie business is not so terrific. The last three I did, the titles of each were "the rent." Usually "the rent." And I met these guys who called -- somebody called me and said, the coen brothers wrote this wonderful -- they wrote it for you. The coen. That's pretty impressive. I have to read this thing. Well, I read it. It was funny. It turned out to be the cullen brothers. That's the way they're historyster hysterical and great. It's a lot of fun. In the pilot, you seemed to push the envelope a little bit. That's just the pilot. We go only up from there. Really? Yeah. The objective is to wind up the show at midnight, with disney. And I love your purple dress. Thank you. I want to show everybody. Here's a snippet of "back in the game." Take a look. When you shot the pitch, you fire it as hard as you can. And hit that first kid square in the face. You'll scare the crop out of owl of them. Let's not hit anybody in the face. Go have fun, bud. Go. Don't do that. Why not? Remember when you hit that kid in the side of the head. And I had to put one of those giant helmets on her to get her balance back? Your character is so obnoxious. The goal was, you have to allow me to be the most horrifying person on television. That has to be fun to play. I'm a horrifying person. To be able to stretch in a way. I understand that you actually have real-life experience coaching. You took off time to coach your son? My son, scott, yeah. I did that for six years. I was riding too high. I thought I would take care of that. And I quit for six years. And I took care of it. Nobody knew who I was. But it was great. It was a great experience. And there's been so much about -- it's still a show about family dysfunction. You know? And my daughter moved away from me because -- I raised her as a boy. Yeah. To the point where I called her junior. I mean, she has a line today -- can I show you something really quick because we're running out of time. You have to see this. We think of you as an actor. A lot of people may not realize, you're an amazing song and dance man. We found this clip. Barbra streisand and you. Check this out, really quick. ♪ we love it. Do you love it? Yeah. I got offered 23 musicals after that. I didn't have to kill anybody. Life is good for james caan. Everybody, check him out. "Back in the game," starring the one and only james caan, tonight at 8:30 eastern on abc. Thank you so much for being with

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{"id":20367698,"title":"James Caan is 'Back in the Game' With New Comedy","duration":"3:39","description":"The Oscar-nominated actor steps up to the plate in a new series about America's favorite pastime.","url":"/GMA/video/james-caan-back-game-comedy-20367698","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}