James Franco on Having Grandma on Set of 'Oz'

Actor discusses shooting "Oz: the Great and Powerful" and sharing the screen with his grandmother.
3:42 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for James Franco on Having Grandma on Set of 'Oz'
But I want to go with you. What? Ah. On a witch hunt? No, you are just a little girl. I'm not as delicate as i look. That didn't hurt. I'm coming with you. Listen, we have one rule in show business, never work with kids or animals. I'm already working with this thing. Relax. The answer is no. A new twist on an old classic james franco in "oz the great and powerful" hits theaters this weekend. Great to have the wizard, james franco, here now. Thanks for coming in. Of course, thank. You this really does turn oz upside down a little bit. Instead of dorothy going down the yellow brick road it's the wizard. Exactly. That aspect of this movie was one of the biggest things that appealed to me. I have been a fan of oz since i was a boy. I read all the books. All of them. There's 14. They were like -- essentially they were my harry potters back in the day before that even existed and so I became obsessed and read all of them so when i heard that they were making this film, another movie about oz and, you know, being such a big fan of the original, I thought, ooh, I hope they have a good approach. Kind of scary to play with a classic like that. Yeah, right, but they did it right because they're not trying to remake the judy garland film, but they're respectful of the land of oz that everybody knows and loves so there's the yellow brick road and emerald city and flying monkeys, but the protagonist is not a boy version of dorothy or anything like that. He's a con man. He's anything but an innocent young girl. He's a con man, a charlatan so you get a whole new experience of oz because your main character is so different. You turn this into a family affair. I understand your grandma mitzi is in the film. She -- she's kind of taking over but she has a very small part. So you have to know her to look. She's in the courtyard at glinda's palace. Look for her there. We see her right there. Oh, there she is. She's a townsperson in oz. So you do so many different things. All the time. You're teaching half the time and doing documentaries and films. Which one do you love the best right now? Well, it's a good question. I mean I do all of them because I do get something different out of all of them and I do believe that, you know, different subjects have ideal forms or better ways to be expressed in different forms so that's one of the reasons I do all of them but in you're just talking about what I enjoy like just making or the process of doing, you know the most, it's directing film is just the most fun because it's such a collaborative medium. I get -- when I make films I get to have all my friends around me and get to work on projects i want to do, so it's a way to design an environment that, you know, just has all my favorite things. You took on the oscars. What did you think of seth MacFARLANE? I didn't really see it but I've seen clips and he's great. I mean he's a funny guy. If he was born to do anything, it was, you know, that. He was good. It was excellent. Tell us what your next out of the box project is going to be. Out of the box of not a movie or -- whatever. I've been teaching a lot actually. That's a new chapter in my life and it was very scary at first but I love it. It puts my energy in different direction. I get to look at other people's work and not think about myself for, you know, a few hours every day. It's good. James franco, thanks a lot. "Oz the great and powerful" is in theaters this friday and

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{"id":18666502,"title":"James Franco on Having Grandma on Set of 'Oz'","duration":"3:42","description":"Actor discusses shooting \"Oz: the Great and Powerful\" and sharing the screen with his grandmother.","url":"/GMA/video/james-franco-grandma-set-oz-18666502","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}