Jazz Crooner Michael Buble Learning To Love Newborn Son

Buble says it wasn't love at first sight when he laid eyes on new baby boy.
4:14 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Jazz Crooner Michael Buble Learning To Love Newborn Son
"heat index" from a very candid confession. Singer michael buble, says that when his son, noah, was born just a few weeks ago, it wasn't love at first sight. Abc's juju chang has more. ♪ I just haven't met you yet ♪ Reporter: Singer michael bubly is famous for his emotional depth, while belting out love songs like "haven't met you yet." It was more surprising when the canadian crooner admitted it wasn't love at first sight when he laid eyes on his new baby, just over two weeks ago. Buble told "the social," that meeting his newborn son, noah, for the first time, wasn't what he expected. I had heard all of these stories about how this moment of life changes and when you saw them, everything was -- but it wasn't like that for me. It was like meeting a stranger. Reporter: Some may find it shocking. But psychiatrists we spoke with say that buble's feelings are more common than people might think. I think many men, when they see this baby, are really hit by the reality of the responsibility. And oh, my goodness, how am i going to do it? That's not 100% wonderful imited to new fad dads. New mom tamar braxton admitted to abc's abbie boudreau, she had trouble responding to her new baby. You said you didn't immediately fall in love. I didn't. I loved him. But I wasn't, like, yeah, god, my baby, ooh. It wasn't that. It was more like, what do I do now? Reporter: Is it shocking or just refreshingly honest? Parents respoke with on the street had divided opinions. I think I was excited the first time I saw the sonogram. Reporter: So, it was love at first sight at the sonogram? Absolutely. Most men cannot really relate with their babies until they can start verbaling speaking. Reporter: Is it fake to say, love at first sight? No. I'm sure that most men -- men say they are in love all the time without actually meaning it. Why should it be different when it's a baby? Reporter: For "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. A guy said that. He said it. Oh. Ouch. Ouch. Here to discuss, perhaps the troubles men have, rich besser back with us. I feel like this is more, perhaps, a function of where we are in society at this point, where we're willing to discuss this. We're willing to be more open with it might be love but it's incredibly overwhelming. I think it's wonderful. Michael buble has given guys an opportunity to talk about this because you think when you have this baby that magically, immediately, you're all going to have this connection. And it doesn't always work that way. For some parents, dads, it can take days, months, sometimes it's not until your kid's playing little league that you're like, wow. I would walk through fire for this guy. For me, I fed her for the first time. The first 40 minutes -- the first 40 minutes, to feed her for the first time, I think there's also the traditional gender roles. And perhaps those walls are being broken, as well. In my practice, I'm a pediatrician. I see dads. And there's incredible guilt and shame if you don't have that feeling right away. But it is that one-on-one time. That time when you're feeding. And for guys, what role do i have? She carried the baby for nine months. She is doing the feeding. What can I do? I'm going to do everything wrong. What are suggestions if a dad has problem bonding? Mom needs to give dad one-on-one time. The night feed is a wonderful thing to do. You have the baby. You have the closeness. You're doing mom a good thing. Yeah, you are. You're learning to interact in your own way. Dads and moms don'td their babies, don't cuddle in the same way. It's not that one's right. But you need that space to develop it. If you take that time, you're going to develop that bond. It's going to come. Yeah. So glad we're talking about it. There's probably a lot of people that feel this way but they don't say anything. It's okay. It's okay.

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{"id":20222693,"title":"Jazz Crooner Michael Buble Learning To Love Newborn Son","duration":"4:14","description":"Buble says it wasn't love at first sight when he laid eyes on new baby boy.","url":"/GMA/video/jazz-crooner-michael-buble-learning-love-newborn-son-20222693","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}