Jeff Gordon Discusses His New Book

The four-time NASCAR champion reflects on his career and family, and talks about his new book with "GMA" anchor Michael Strahan.
3:18 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for Jeff Gordon Discusses His New Book
Michael, back inside. NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon has 94 wins and four championships under his belt so it's no surprise that his new biography is a winner as well. "Jeff Gordon: His dream, drive & destiny" is out now and I had a chance to sit down with Jeff to talk about his life, career and whether or not he's really retired. Take a look. So happy to have you here with us. Thank you so much. Great to be on the show. And, okay, we got to get to the bottom of this. I've been wondering about this. You retired but then you drove for Dale Earnhardt Jr. So are you retired or not? I'm a little confused. I'm confused too. I thought I was. I was in the south of France on vacation and all of a sudden I get this call and it's we may need you in Indianapolis, you know, I hated to hear the situation with Dale having, you know, the injury, but, man, I'm a team player so I came back. Why did you decide to write this book now. Well, because I was -- I thought I was wrapping up my career as a driver but, no, seriously, you know, to go all the way back to the beginning. Probably a little bit of therapy for yourself? Oh, my gosh. Probably some things you look back and say, man, I did that. I accomplished it. When you're in it, you're not thinking about what -- how it's affecting you and what the impact it has on your life. My parents had to work hard, sacrifice a lot. I mean, I've been at a racetrack probably every weekend just about since I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. Speaking of family John Bick Ford your stepfather. The hero. You gave him a lot of credit. Luckily my mom met him when I was very young and presented the race car to me and my sister. She wasn't interested. Now she's relike I could have been Danica Patrick. But, yeah, no, absolutely. He is the one and not just -- but he guided me along the way. I tell you the book is very candid and one thing you're candid about is your ex-wife. And in reading it I couldn't help but think about, you know, Ricky Bobby and "Talladega nights." I wasn't -- I wasn't thinking of that when we wrote the book. You about I've had a lot of people comment about that but honestly like I go back to that time of my life and I go, who was I? It was crazy. I mean life was good on one hand because of all the wins and the success and my lifestyle was just booming and blowing up and all that but on the other side it was like, this is not me. This is not who I am and so, yeah, there was definitely some Ricky Bobby moments during that time. One thing I love, man, I'm a connoisseur of rap music, I love rap music and there is this song that Nelly did called "Ei." Put me on the map. You're in the song, man. I know. ??? Call me Jeff Gordon in a black ss with the navigation ??? ??? call me Jeff sessions with the black ss and the navigation ??? That was terrible. By the way. That was horrible. Rap career next. No. I don't think so. Rap career is next for you. I feel it in my bones. Maybe we can do a little -- Combo. I'm feeling it. Want to tell you what, your history is incredible. Trust me. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The four-time NASCAR champion reflects on his career and family, and talks about his new book with \"GMA\" anchor Michael Strahan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43860700","title":"Jeff Gordon Discusses His New Book","url":"/GMA/video/jeff-gordon-discusses-book-43860700"}