Aniston's Engagement Ring Rocks Glamour Magazine Cover

Actress gets personal in interview and shows off ring from fiance Justin Theroux.
2:11 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aniston's Engagement Ring Rocks Glamour Magazine Cover
Did you -- have you seen that rock that looks like an aircraft carrier on jennifer aniston's hand? That's the engagement ring we've been talking about almost a year now. It's on the cover of "glamour" magazine. And tai hernandez has all of the details. Reporter: Jennifer aniston, stripping down in her new flick, "we're the millers" flexing her comedic muscle like never before. Happy life. Reporter: And now, the girl we love to love, is gracing the september issue of "glamour" magazine, proudly wearing her engagement ring and spilling all. Aniston reveals how her broken childhood and sense off human propelled her into acting. Telling "glamour," I would goof in class, make everybody laugh. I wasn't thinking about acting. I was trying to keep people sane. When she'd go, this can be a career, was a great moment for Reporter: What exactly do you do for a living? Oh -- mom. Reporter: In her new movie role, aniston tapped into her maternal instinct. Something she told "glamour" she shares with her fiance. I know justin has paternal instincts because he had to become the parent. Aniston is also perfecting her girl next door style. I'm pretty basic. A boyfriend jean, a wedge, a tank top. Even on the red carpet, it has to be comfortable. I usually try to get some form of a t-shirt that looks like a gown. For "good morning america," tai hernandez, abc news, new york. No doubt, one of the most talked about women in the world. The september issue of "glamour" by the way, is on newsstands AUGUST 6th. And miss jennifer aniston will be on her show next week. That looks like a funny movie. It does. She keeps saying, people say, you look great. And she feels great. That's why she looks so great. I love that about her. 44, gorgeous. And she'll be at "gma." So we're happy.

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{"id":19814170,"title":"Aniston's Engagement Ring Rocks Glamour Magazine Cover","duration":"2:11","description":"Actress gets personal in interview and shows off ring from fiance Justin Theroux.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-aniston-engagement-actress-engagement-ring-rocks-glamour-19814170","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}