Jennifer Aniston Tones Down Wedding-Date Rumors

People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses stories that have had Hollywood talking.
3:50 | 07/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Aniston Tones Down Wedding-Date Rumors
The hottest stories trending right now. Putting the latest wedding news for Jen Aniston Jessica Alba taking on the honest toddler. Here to talk about it all this morning her friend Larry Hackett and want People Magazine. Chooses their interest in Janice and coming out and saying it wouldn't have any -- what we're doing great. Exactly we feel I feel already married this is now a new kind of headline I already feel -- so -- This and we are all fascinated there -- many Mr. President with you know her wedding plans and dating Justin threw for about two years now having engagement a year ago. And we all thought. The shooting a -- at a certain time and she didn't -- that the stories about what happened was postponed was canceled -- this is saying. We're busy. It out. I'm saying that it happened yet they -- to believe there was a time friend. And then that time -- moved so. But apart things of this they're happy and and that won't win hasn't been that long and it would be re doing a house that sheet what Los Angeles they're both working as good for them -- nothing. And anyone can still feel like to know why I'm very happy when we get so we -- get us. Placenta but you know the headline is -- to get married so -- -- good and. -- -- -- -- About -- this. -- that surprised me. Jessica Alba has is -- called the honest company. And she's trying to stop we have we'll be on -- last week the woman behind the -- toddler blog and book and all that she's not trying to. Stopped beyond his toddler from using that -- horses too much like -- commitment. Right stretch right right be -- taller woman has put it -- -- have put forward freight copyright and the lawyers representing just got this company innocent enough. I kind of wonder whether or not is -- just sort of need your lawyer reaction and they say yeah Payton and you know honest comes -- table they say -- stop that but they're very different and I don't know I think it resolve this thing getting and is now that they alienate your favorite song I think we're jumping that just -- -- I think this may -- overzealous lawyers. I'm -- lawyers do all the time but it's very hard I think to take a word like honest to make it you know slowly getting -- my -- I got -- -- And -- say hello good morning anywhere -- currently running up the morning. And his mother please -- I just about and I don't become we're gonna. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- -- over the weekend Sam Simon one of the creators of the Simpsons I'm forcing you see struggling with colon cancer. Right now could be terminal has decided to give away his entire fortune whatever is left now and it's. -- -- million along and millions and millions of dollars all -- have a right to some other cause of. Which is a great thing he says this isn't -- -- him somebody's always enjoyed and loved and he's taking these last you know years to have to spend the money so paid and other groups are getting all -- of money. And it's it's formidable amount of money it's a lot a lot of so is it really really really yes. -- -- -- -- People leaving money to not just their families and generations but. And causes -- -- this and a little philanthropy a long way and when you talk about it on a show like this -- of people think about it themselves and that starts the ball rolling and other people think about going. He held before we go Kelly Clarkson this -- from her over the weekend that showed right now -- we have -- fairness and engagement followed up look at -- -- gorgeous gorgeous so the question is is that the wedding dress and high speed limit can jump in here. -- -- I'm a little -- -- I want you need that you're seeing as a certainty. Yeah people should check this out to a I don't know what questions he had -- right. She's just are outsourcing is so so happy little you know Kelly I'm. Thank god calendar shopping and I left. -- -- -- -- That we'll be -- in Annapolis.

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{"id":19803527,"title":"Jennifer Aniston Tones Down Wedding-Date Rumors","duration":"3:50","description":"People magazine's Larry Hackett discusses stories that have had Hollywood talking.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-aniston-justin-theroux-marriage-actress-tones-wedding-19803527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}