Jennifer Connelly Says 'Noah' Is 'True to the Spirit of the Bible'

The "Noah" actress talks about her character and what drew her to the role.
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jennifer Connelly Says 'Noah' Is 'True to the Spirit of the Bible'
? I just came to say hello ? There is Jennifer Connelly in our social square. A little selfie there. She is, of course, the star of "Noah," the latest biblical epic to hit the big screen. She's going to talk to us in a minute but Dan Harris went behind the scenes of what it took to make this incredible film. Take a look. A great flood is coming. Reporter: As far as blockbusters go "Noah" is about as big as they come. What did he say? He's going to destroy the world. Reporter: The movie inspired by the biblical tale of one man's edict from god to save man kind is brimming with special effects. Action. Reporter: The filmmakers built a mammoth recreation of the ark inself in oyster bay, New York. It goes 165 feet in our reality we will extend it digitally to 500 feet. It took more than a year to design and six months to build. We built it to the actual scope that's described in the bible which is actually a pretty impressive size ship. First time I came out to the exterior, it was an experience. Reporter: Production Taff used actual material available during ancient types to construct the ark. The ramp was there to serve one function for reptiles to be able to get up there. Or mammoth to get in here. Reporter: The movie has drawn early controversy from critics who say it veers too far from the bible. But while there may be complaints that director and co-writer Darron aronofsky by taking liberties no one can say he went small on the film. For "Good morning America," Dan Harris, ABC news, New York. And we are here now with Jennifer Connelly. She plays Noah's wife in the film and Dan hit it. This is the definition of a big film. It's like nothing Darren has done before. It's a really epic, rich I think elaborate telling of this story. And you play naameh, Noah's wife and I think brings so much of the humanity. Noah played by Russell Crowe is internalized that god wants to punish everyone. We have a clip here where you're trying to tell him to see the good in his family and his kids. Is there anything you would not do good or bad for those three boys? We would both choose to kill in order to protect our children. Yes. We're no different. They are children. They are our children, Noah. Have you no mercy? You embody the mercy in the film and in so many ways the love that he feels but can't express. I think that, you know, she was written as Darren and Ari wrote my character as a loyal wife but more than anything I think she's defined by her profound maternal love, you know, and chichis such goodness in her boys she can't believe it doesn't extend to all of humanity. And she even one of the most powerful scenes in the movie has to talk Noah out of killing his own grandchildren. But how did you find the character, so little is known, the characters aren't even named in the bible. It is true when you read genesis which the story of Noah is only a few pages in the bible and you don't really learn anything about Noah's wife. You know, as I mentioned earlier Darren and Ari Handel wrote the script and written in the character which was a devoted and committed wife and mother and also very strong emotionally, so, you know, I had that to work from and also did some research myself looking at -- to see what archaeologists had to say about a woman at this time might have been doing, what kind of work she might have done. Also read other parts of the bible for inspiration. What do you think about this controversy? There has been a fair amount stirred up -- whenever you touch something in the bible it's going to create that. I personally found it certainly true to the scenes expressed. I think absolutely and I think what you'll find is that the controversy that was generated by people who are speculating or hadn't seen the film yet for the most part and we're now getting feedback from, you know, religious leaders who seen the film and are embracing it and supporting it because I agree with you. I think it really is while it is very creative and very bowl and I think, you know, very complex, really it's true to the spirit of the story in the bible. And it is a spell-binding film. Jennifer Connelly, thanks very much. "Noah" hits nationwide Friday March 28th.

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{"id":22983027,"title":"Jennifer Connelly Says 'Noah' Is 'True to the Spirit of the Bible'","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Noah\" actress talks about her character and what drew her to the role. ","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-connelly-interview-2014-actress-noah-true-spirit-22983027","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}