Jennifer Garner Tackles NFL 'Draft Day'

The actress discusses her new film in which she plays a top lieutenant to the Cleveland Browns' GM.
4:47 | 04/09/14

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Transcript for Jennifer Garner Tackles NFL 'Draft Day'
Do I take Callahan? He's a winner. He is. I mean, that's the word, right? He's won everywhere he's been? They said the same thing about Ryan leaf. And he was the number two pick in '98. No one said that about Tom Brady when he went 199th. There's no such thing as a sure thing. At the end of the day, all that matters is what you think. Welcome back, Jennifer garner to "Gma." Great to have you here. So nice to be here. Do you really know all that football? I knew that about Ryan leaf and Tom Brady. But that's pretty basic draft info. No. I don't know as much as a capologist really would, of course. You have to explain this. Capologist. Isn't that a great job description? A capologist is in charge of a ton of different things. You have to see the business affairs. Do all of the contracts for the players. And the salary caps for the teams. And you have to know what money is hitting the cap and when and manage it. And just keep it all in check. Is that right? Yeah. That's good. There we go. You spent some time with one of the capologists. Lucky for me, Megan Rogers is the capologist of the Cleveland browns. Where we shot. We were watching the guys practice, which was so cool. I just followed her around because she is just the coolest lady. And I copied everything. I copied what she had in her hands. I copied the way she dressed. I kind of want to be here. I hear you have a little experience with football from before? Were you the water girl? My senior year, I was the water girl. And the George Washington patriots, whatever year that was. If you don't see this movie this weekend, you're in trouble. I know who you are. We watched it with the family last yigt. Ali and the girls. You don't have to be a huge football fan to love this movie. I didn't know much about baseball when I watched "Bull Durham." It was one of my all-time favorite movies. Now that I do love baseball, I should watch it again. It's a fun movie with football on the periphery, to talk your guy into taking you. You watch "Bull Durham" years ago and then get to work with Kevin Costner. First time, right? To get to do a sports movie with Kevin Costner, no one does it like he does. He owns this whole world. He does. We have a lot of questions coming in for you from the social square. First on Facebook. What are the must-haves for family time while shooting for you and Ben on sets. When Jen is working, versus when Ben is working. One of the must-haves? You can't go for too long without being together as a unit. You can't -- facetime is a must time for us. Lunch notes. I make pajamas for the kids with Ben's face on it. And I put his voice in things, like there's a teddy bear you can get and you can put your voice in the paw. I'll do stuff like that. You had so much success in protecting your kids. That's been a mission for you. We watched you last year in California, and the whole issue of kids and paparazzi. And now, we're seeing a lot more Kristen bell has this campaign. Saying we're not going to go on networks that show unauthorized pictures of the kids. And we thank you for signingen early to the no-kids policy. It's working, right? It has. It makes me emotional to talk about it. It has made the hugest difference in our lives. But particularly in our kids' lives. And Halle berry had the determination and just saw this through from start-to-finish. And I was a very, very small part of it at the very end. And she's forever my hero. But you know, we have the lawmakers who are part of making this happen. And the police chief, who are going to enforce it over at our house, before January 1st. And our eldest daughter, violet, really wanted to speak. And violet wrote a speech. And she articulated what it meant for her that this law was going to be passed and how different she thought it would make her life. And I think everyone just forgot. Oh, this really is about these kids' experiences of the world. And it was -- it's been a beautiful, beautiful, thing. You must be so proud. Yeah. Jennifer garner, thanks for coming in. The movie is called "Draft day." It is out on Friday.

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{"id":23253619,"title":"Jennifer Garner Tackles NFL 'Draft Day'","duration":"4:47","description":"The actress discusses her new film in which she plays a top lieutenant to the Cleveland Browns' GM.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-garner-actress-plays-lieutenant-draft-day-23253619","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}