Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Hollywood's Gender Pay Gap

The Oscar winner sits down with Diane Sawyer to discuss the pay gap, her career and more.
7:09 | 11/12/15

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Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Hollywood's Gender Pay Gap
Look who is here right. I had my slapping a lot of. What it looked like you've got a lot of public from. So we did it you know she's been speaking out about income inequality issues and about gender inequality issues and she is one. Spirited. Girl from contracting weird too little old girls the future's apart cup started out in my kitchen. Two hometown girls a New York City. My kitchen but the barbecue is pure Kentucky. We both grew up in mobile 45 years apart but steeped in the soft hills of home. All like hot I had an Alley cats I have never seen this picture who's who drink at the end class. Today SIE and why did you know I just. People just wander into hi Alan. Any music that you think of as home. School in the us now I just been an to a phone and I'm not kind of skidded out. He went offer and yes yeah. Back in global she was a cheerleader for a wild. Paint no sweat. Those scanning over yet I was a bookworm likely to succeed she was most talkative in class chatting us. I'll get most talkative girls walking around out there a year congratulating you aren't in yet. An aged 25 she some kind of dazzling hybrid. And a reverent kid. And a movie star with the trans fixing how were on the screen I knew. Into actually the final episode of Hunger Games marking gay part two was about to rise. Again. She has kept us the embodiment of strength in the face a fear that. That's our business and I'll scream Jennifer Lawrence herself has been making news with the kind of warrior challenge all her own. When hacked emails about her movie American hustle revealed that she was paid less than her male co stars she room about it seeing if she were honest with herself it was partly because she had fallen into a trap women face. Not whining to be difficult or spoiled. While men don't care. My question to myself is why am I not asking for and I think. I know that I've always kind of carried a habit of sadness sadness. With the idea that makes me more likable. Some of her co stars have spoken out for her and four other women in the work place everywhere. I felt like if I and I had to say something because we need to talk about it on average in. Women are paid 21% less than men we can ask for the same exact thing hasn't that that men do. And am we do face the reality that. We are we do get judged more it's just something that. Is in transit. And I would love to see change we are heading downtown in New York City to unique store kind of gallery and it has archery in the back. All the way back. I try it might narrow bounces back. Your form is just horrible. And second excellently. More and a minute later she disappears. I showed fans out of shape. Are treated and I think it means let's just say she nailed it by late afternoon and we sit to talk. She's reflective about her life now with the crossroads. So what's the biggest. I am. I have wraps. These movies and spend my life for so long and they had to come first and everything I was also in a relationship with somebody for five years and we broke up around the same time that I wrapped those movies and it's kind of being 24 was this whole year of who and I. Without these movies who my. Without this. Man. So young the future ahead may be marriage may be not. I don't know if I ever will get married and I'm okay with that don't feel like I need anything. To complete me and I love. Meeting people are people coming in your life entries or you know I don't really plan and getting things I'm not mine I definitely a mother. When you don't need this win. You get to choose. In the sky. It's more about me I would like who. By Christmas you'll see you're in another movie called joy in about a struggling housewife who isn't a miracle mop up and transforms everything and a knack. All priests and all costs. Can meet and make I have opportunities to candidates she has this ability this magic. That she finally can't deny any longer but for now she is moving on from a kind of legacy. As the girl who awakened a generation of tiny fans. And taught them what it's like to believe in yourself. And there's. You know she is such an extraordinary and truly natural actor. That at one point some acting teacher said don't ever go to acting class again. Don't touch it don't let anybody live here with what you know to do and by the way. The latest Hunger Games the last one is out on November 20 we're looking at would seem like this I sit here. Patterson Garland. Put it to get Argentina and yes her archery is a living hell and I haven't hit the door at the ceiling can. Ever running for their lives alone this is sorry I didn't have to payments. Is dreaming right now we have Dave down is that what you. Same down and that we got down and Aggies and of course I fly. Because she's really did I really love what you said to her about. Would you give to would you don't need you get to choose yes that's true and she sung young moon and yet so repetitious or. An old soul that's right but it's wonderfully get a she's. Really. Extraordinarily. Confident about her love of what she does and her love of acting. She's gonna direct some day and she's writing a screenplay with Amy Schumer now goodness all you don't shining. Actually succeed so is that aviation repaid episode cheap pair hundred dollars to think she called me died during an interview. She didn't. Vacancy so much more tonight tonight on night line Chrysler's anywhere it's going to be a long and that the we go through a lot of moods we go to the place that she was discovered. And she talks a little bit about being a child it wasn't easy for her at all and to show them which love her. It was wonderful having you here and we get to have you back next week that's right Rick family really warning. And I think that I think that thank you Diane.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"The Oscar winner sits down with Diane Sawyer to discuss the pay gap, her career and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35148567","title":"Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Hollywood's Gender Pay Gap","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lawrence-discusses-hollywoods-gender-pay-gap-35148567"}