Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Female Actor at SAG Awards

Lara Spencer of "GMA" reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.
2:50 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Female Actor at SAG Awards
We begin with jennifer lawrence. The superstar showing off a lot of leg, as she made her way to the stage to accept her prize for best female actor in "silver linings playbook." We have more of that coming up in fashion. Take a look at this. Some footage that jennifer lawrence made. She thanked mtv. It was a promo for "my super sweet 16." It showed her at 14 years old. Jennifer said, when she got the card in the mail, it made her life because it made her a professional actor. As we know, the rest is history. Congratulations, to jennifer lawrence. And tina fey could be adding to her resume. The comedienne, writer, actress, and now broadway producer? Before tina fey scooped the s.A.G. For best actress in a comedy series, for "30 rock," she says "mean girls" is a possibility. She wrote the screenplay for the 2004 monster hit and is trying to develop a musical version who does all of the music for "30 rock." That was 2004? Yeah. A classic, I think. And this. It was a whopper of a sendoff. Ding. For a pennsylvania man, who loved burger king so very, very much. 88-year-old david kind jr. Was such a regular at the fast food restaurant in york, pennsylvania, they agreed to allow his entire funeral procession to go through the drive through, including the hearse. Everybody was given a burger to go, including kind, who was buried with one on his flag-draped coffin. In tend, his daughter said, he had it his way. Oh. On the radio, it was a whopper of a sendoff. That's what I said when i started it. I was so hit by the video. It's the way he wanted it. I think his daughter said, this is something he totally loved. Absolutely. And he lived his life as he wanted it. I thought it was sweet. 88. Clearly burgers -- a world war I veteran. God bless. If he wants a burger in his casket, go for it. And scottie's performing the party trick. Not that scottie. Stay over there. These pure-bred scottish terri terriers go crazy for goat milk. And look at what happens when the owner this to in a bowl. They have a scottie pinwheel. No one's really sure why. But it's fun to look at. Look at scottie. Our scottie doing his pinwheel. I'll give you warm milk later. That's "pop news." We have a pop quiz. Would you like to enjoy the pop

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{"id":18334174,"title":"Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Female Actor at SAG Awards","duration":"2:50","description":"Lara Spencer of \"GMA\" reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lawrence-wins-best-female-actor-sag-awards-18334174","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}