J-Lo Nutritionist Reveals 20 Pound Weight-Loss Plan

Haylie Pomroy's "Fast Metabolism Diet" has three phases where dieters eat specific foods.
1:31 | 04/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for J-Lo Nutritionist Reveals 20 Pound Weight-Loss Plan
l.L. Cool j's ripped abs. Heylie known as the celebrity nutritionist treated the fast metabolism diet, a program that tells dieters they can eat more food and at the same time lose more weight. This is really good. I caught hup with haylie at the institute of culinary education where she schooled me on how the diet works. What it's about. The therapeutic way to eat incredibly nutrition foods to enhance your metabolism so using food as a vehicle for weight loss. Reporter: This woman tried the diet for herself and went from this to this all by eating more food. It was amazing. A life changer. I started in january and within four weeks I had lost 20 pounds. Reporter: Break it down for us. You have three phases. Phase one is all about fruits, carbs, a little bit of protein and very high glycemic vegetables. Phase two is all about lean protein and tons and tons of unlimited vegetables. Phase three is all about the healthy fats. Reporter: So people always rave about l.L. Cool j's body and j. Lo's body. I had beautiful canvases. Reporter: Some say this concept is nothing new. None of these fad diets offer anything unique. Reporter: But lelani says it changed her life for the better. I have so much more self-confidence and happy. Reporter: For "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york.

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"Haylie Pomroy's \"Fast Metabolism Diet\" has three phases where dieters eat specific foods.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18939737","title":"J-Lo Nutritionist Reveals 20 Pound Weight-Loss Plan","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-lopez-nutritionist-diet-fast-metabolism-diet-calls-18939737"}