'Cool Mom' Takes on Ban on Strapless Dresses

Melissa May says the school's ban sends the wrong message to both male and female students.
3:23 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for 'Cool Mom' Takes on Ban on Strapless Dresses
The hottest stories streaming right now, starting with a controversial ban on strapless dresses at an upcoming eighth grade dress. The principal says, the bare shoulders, too distracting for the boys. And a lot of parents don't agree. Reporter: If there was one thing that the girls were looking forward to, more than attending the dance, it was shopping for it. Three-quarters of the girls were looking forward to wearing strapless dresses. But the new principal laid out new rules, banning the popular trend. Strapless dresses are hot on the red carpet. On mtv. And all over teen websites. But one place strapless dresses are currently off-limits, new jersey's reddington middle school. The school's principal has placed a ban on eighth grade girls wearing the dresses to their big june dinner dance. Telling parents, the dresses are, quote, toodistracting for boys. The decision wrinkled this mom. It's more about the message that it's sending to the kids. If you're a girl, you're judged by what you're wearing. And if you're a boy, you can't control yourself around young ladies who don't have -- you know, straps on their dress. Reporter: May, the mother 14-year-old caitlin, has gone to bat for girls who want to bare a little more at the dance. Your daughter and your friends tell me you've become the hero, the cool mom. Reporter: That's not to say she hasn't caused flak for standing up for strapless dresses. Some say I'm naive and i don't realize what young boys do. If I'm doing a good job as a parent, I have to trust them when they're not with me. Reporter: This mom wrote a three-page letter to thechool superintendent, that the dress code is arbitrary and a violation of every girl's fundamental rights. There's no basis for this restriction. There's no evidence behind it. Reporter: As for the students, we spoke with argue it's virtually impossible not to go strapless in today's strapless-dress-loving world. It's like spaghetti strap ps. Reporter: Dress codes for school dances are hardly knew. Schools throughout the nation are asking students to wear dresses that aren't too low-cut, too short or bare too many cutouts. These teens say they're hopeful the school board will reverse the principal's decision when it meets next month. And if not, they have tough fashion decisions to make. The superintendent and principal turned down our request for an interview. And the dress code applies to school events and evening. The reddington school board is likely to address the strapless dress ban matter on their next meeting. We're split here. I'm okay with it. If it's strapless but still kind of high. I can't get excited about it. Ellie, you can wear a strapless dress. No, no, no. Eighth grade. I want it all covered. In fact, nun habits only. We know what we think. We want to know what you think. Do you agree with the principal's decision to ban strapless dresses at an eighth grade dress? Vote on our website. Goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! We'll share the results with you later. And next up in our "gma heat

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{"id":19040101,"title":"'Cool Mom' Takes on Ban on Strapless Dresses","duration":"3:23","description":"Melissa May says the school's ban sends the wrong message to both male and female students.","url":"/GMA/video/jersey-strapless-prom-dress-ban-cool-mom-takes-19040101","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}