Jess Cagle Remembers Robin Williams

Editorial director of People and Entertainment Weekly offers his view on the comedian's death.
2:23 | 08/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jess Cagle Remembers Robin Williams
Good to see, jess. From, of course, "People" magazine, "Entertainment weekly." We always love it when you come on. A subject that's tough this morning. He was un vaiversally admired and loved in Hollywood. He really was. A lot of comedians are known for being angry much that's the rap they get. He clearly was a complex guy but always incredibly professional. He was very, very kind. Whether you were -- whether you were operating the camera or acting with him or sitting in a movie theater he wanted you to like him. He wanted to make you laugh and he was always on. And I think what's so sad about this is we realize that manic energy was really -- it was masking such profound, you know, sadness and difficulties in his own life. And we've heard that from many people saying that about tears of a clown. That that's something we don't realize that they're dealing with and as you said, in the same -- he was always on. And no one knew really about this side of him, did they? No, and he never unleashed his demons on the rest of us. You know, he really wanted to make the world a better place. He was -- whether he would decorate his house, you know, for the holidays and hang out with the kids, he loved children because they were a great audience, you know. They loved to -- he loved to make them laugh. Childlike enthusiasm. What do you think his legacy will be. Like Jonathan winters of a previous generation. He really defined a particular kind of comedy for a generation. And nobody -- it's really hard to find anybody who has ever had that kind of versatility as an actor. You know, that from "Mrs. Doubtfire" to the, you know, to the therapist in "Good will hunting," he just -- I think that his own -- I think again his own complexities also made him a great actor. He just embraced everyone. Do you know what I mean? On screen and off screen. He was best at playing himself. That's what somebody said and I think that's so true when you see all those clips over the years. A generous guy. The clip with the troops and did a lot of charity work. For the homeless. Jest, S, thanks so much. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the one and only robin Williams.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Editorial director of People and Entertainment Weekly offers his view on the comedian's death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24942792","title":"Jess Cagle Remembers Robin Williams","url":"/GMA/video/jess-cagle-remembers-robin-williams-24942792"}