Jessica Biel Dishes on Marriage, New Film

Star discusses her recent marriage to Justin Timberlake, new movie, "Playing for Keeps."
4:32 | 12/04/12

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Transcript for Jessica Biel Dishes on Marriage, New Film
That looks really cool. Jessica biel is a very busy lady these days. She just married justin timberlake in a beautiful italian wedding in october. And she has not one but two big movies coming out. We're happy to have jessica talk to us about starring in "playing for keeps" alongside stars as gerard butler, catherine zeta-jo zeta-jones, uma thurman. What a cast. That was a great cast. And gabriele muccino, our director. I was excited to work with him, as well. It's amazing to work with your idols, that have become your peers. Exactly. Kind of an amazing experience. In this movie, you play the mother of a 9-year-old boy. And her ex-husband, gerard butler, has come into your life. And he's decided to try to coach your son's soccer team as a way to reconnect with the son the two of you share. And he shows up outside your house one night, for a midnight -- I love this, the drive-by. And he gets caught. And you have this conversation on the front lawn. Let's look at the clip really quick. You ever think what might have made it and screwed it all up? Yeah. I used to. All the time, I wondered. You were the most exciting thing that ever happened to me, george. One second, I'm a 23-year-old from virginia, backpacking around england. And the next, I'm falling in love with a soccer star and vacationing in the most incredible villas in tuscany. You do remember. You have real chemistry with gerard butler in this. Did you feel that, too? That's the amazing thing about being an actor, that's what you're paid to do. Sometimes it's there or it's not. We see all the times with pairings of actors and actresses where it's not there. I think what you need to do, if you're not friends withhat person, you need to find something that you really admire or you really love. And you sort of create that bond with that one element, that you really connect to with that person. And what was it with gerard butler? I think probably, the dedicationh felt to the film. We both loved gabrielli so much. We wanted to do something special and different and real. We wanted to do, I think, relate to these people and really understand, oh, yeah. I've had that experience. I know what that's like to have that kind of relationship with that person or whatever it may be. You play a mom in this movie. The first time you've ever played a mom. Does it make you think about being a mom one day? Yeah, sure. Especially because the kid, noah, who played my son, is literally the coolest kid I ever met. The two of you would rock out to music between takes. Rock out. He is so educated with rock 'n' roll music. He knows way more about it than I do. What did you listen to? Everything. We had an xmtation we listened to. I don't even remember. We would play air guitar. And we were just jam out and head-bang, really, in the car, between takes. So, he really made my job incredibly easy. You've been in the news a lot because you just got -- you're a newlywed. Yes, I am. What is the best part of being married to justin timberlake right now? Just being married. The best part? It's funny. It feels like nothing's changed and everything's changed. It's that intangible thing. You can't quite put your finger on it. I guess the idea of having sort of a partner in crime. And I guess the word husband is pretty amazing. Still getting used to it? Yes. And loving it. It's so fun to say, this is my husband. And your first christmas as a newlywed. What kind of christmas traditions -- I know you take the heads of barbie dolls and decorate your tree. I'm using the old ones i mutilated a time ago. They're all still in the box. My family has kept them these years. And it's a silly thing we do. I think we're pretty much going to do the same thing that we do every year. Hang out with our family and be very mellow. Jessica biel, "playing for keeps" and "hitchcock" both open on friday. Congratulations on your wedding to justin. Thank you very much. It's time, now, for the weather. And sam champion, who I think is

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{"id":17874564,"title":"Jessica Biel Dishes on Marriage, New Film","duration":"4:32","description":"Star discusses her recent marriage to Justin Timberlake, new movie, \"Playing for Keeps.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-biel-interview-justin-timberlake-marriage-motherhood-film-17874564","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}