Jewish Center Shooting Survivor: 'I Thought I Was Dreaming'

Sam Saper and Sadie Hendler used desks and chairs to barricade themselves in a room for 90 minutes.
3:49 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Jewish Center Shooting Survivor: 'I Thought I Was Dreaming'
I had arrived about six minutes before the shooting. Not knowing that I had arrived in the same parking lot and I drove around to the other side because that our conference room had changed -- meeting had changed rams and -- I walked in just laying on meeting we started -- talking. And it we got attack. -- we got a text that had said that the building was on lockdown so. That weather is really bad so we just kind of tepid guessed that it was because of the weather Mike has -- -- a lot of tornado lock downs in the area. -- -- an act I'm not one of the girls in the rooms fathers texted us and said. No there was a shooting at the theater and we thought that that Peter was across the street I -- -- -- But then he -- -- cleared that up and sent a note it was the feeder in the building there had been -- shooting candidate after that we just kind of we crazy and we were really confused we didn't know anything and we just didn't know it today -- the -- We barricaded the door with a three deaths seventeen. Chairs and then. There are two other doors in the room in an hour those -- -- so we just -- and those -- -- with more desks and chairs. What went -- my -- -- wise. I knew about the possibility it was. And habitable at some point because it's been happening so much more but I never would have thought that it would have been. An anti semantic attacked because what we hear more is the school shootings and that -- public area shootings. And so -- it. I knew was possible but I never thought that it led a fax me the way that didn't. -- -- And finally in the process they had like the first few seconds that you know like. I can't process that this is happening this happening -- might mean that people -- surrounding near Arlington office right now. After me barricaded all the doors we -- sat in a circle and chairs. And we are just -- discussing an issue how. -- we're going to. Think what we're gonna do with that and we are all on our phones -- contacting her parents adults through the organization and looking on Twitter to find anything else that. Would be helpful for information. And it so we just and that for an hour half trying to get more information -- what was going on downstairs. We didn't know what was going on so -- kind of assume the worst and we have been hearing about shots that had been fired and the thought that he could have been right outside the door and there are instances there be heard. People outside and there are instances where we thought that we heard somebody banging on the door. And we just kind of sat there in shock and didn't know what to do they were alone and then we had no adult I didn't so. Weaver and school are always taught to just listen to the teacher in the locked the door turn the lights off and -- in a corner by. Every now clearing was more -- and that we didn't really have anywhere to hide so they relaxed while we had in there and -- just -- -- Block the doors off to the best of our abilities. I was shaking. I -- it really. Comprehend what was going on I got home and I was sitting in my kitchen just -- Thinking about all the people that have been affected by this and how our whole community now was affected and diet. What I -- now obviously going to be. Traumatize. From this for a wild because this is -- this is my home the -- me -- my home like I. I go to that center every week. And that it's just going to be difficult for me get back -- to that again.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Sam Saper and Sadie Hendler used desks and chairs to barricade themselves in a room for 90 minutes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23314392","title":"Jewish Center Shooting Survivor: 'I Thought I Was Dreaming'","url":"/GMA/video/jewish-center-shooting-survivors-23314392"}