Jim Carrey Calls Lawsuit Over Ex-Girlfriend's Death 'Heartless'

The actor is facing a wrongful death lawsuit that alleges he is responsible for the overdose suicide of his on-and-off girlfriend, 30-year-old Cathriona White.
4:34 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jim Carrey Calls Lawsuit Over Ex-Girlfriend's Death 'Heartless'
None of that bombshell lawsuit for comedian Jim Carrey has former girlfriend's estranged husband blaming him. For her suicide ABC's Qaeda whitworth is in Los Angeles with all the details for a said Kerry's response good morning came. Robin good morning Jim Carrey in vowing to fight this lawsuit calling it a terrible shame. Saying there are some moments in life when you have to stand up and defend your honor. I. He's known for being a funny man of the big screen this morning Jim Carrey is facing a wrongful death lawsuit claiming he's responsible for the overdose suicide of his on and off girlfriend Katrina white. The flight overdosing on prescription drugs. The coroner ruling it a suicide now a white estranged husband is blaming Keary for the thirty year old stet. The thirty year old. Young lady who was found. Deceased with medication that is not prescribed to her according to court documents mark Burton is claiming Carey used the bogus name Arthur Kane. To obtain and provide prescription drugs to white. Including Indian perk cassette and probe panel law despite knowing that white was prone to suicide and depression it. Those same drugs found in white's home after her death according to the quarter's report. As part of a cover up about her. Having his medication. You say that mr. Kerry took steps to conceal his involvement and culpability. In her death and you say that he did fat. By sending this text message the text message passed in very. Formal terms. Do you know where my medication is. I had a full bottle of pills under my sink which was prescribed for my back pain. It is missing. That's not how to individuals who have a personal relationship communications. At the time of white's funeral reports surfaced that Kerry had offered to cover the expenses sending a lawsuit says was an attempt to paint Kerry as a grieving good guys. But Burton claims Kerry stiffed the family and never followed through overnight the actor telling ABC news. I will not tolerate this heartless intent to exploit me or the woman I loved. Cats troubles were born long before I met her and sadly her tragic end it was beyond anyone's. Control. Now according to officials white had attempted to take her own life before. She left behind two notes both of them for carry along with a box of her husband's belongings than Robin. McCain thank you ABC's chief legal analyst Dan Abrams joins us down. How typical is that two to win a case like this when someone commits suicide an adult it's very difficult for family members to win because it was the actions of the adult. With that said they can still move -- with this kind of lawsuit but the most important thing they're going to be able to have to prove. He's that he team heard the drugs right because their position is that she stole the drugs. His lawyer has made that statement already so first of all they're gonna have to say he provided the drugs secondly they're gonna have to be able to demonstrate those were the drugs that killed there. And number three. They're gonna have to show was reasonably foreseeable. And that's something like this could or would happen that's a lot to have to yeah try and improve what about. The claim that Kerry used a false name. To obtain some of the yet not a helpful fact for him but if he had been using a fake name to get drugs were hurt. That would be a much bigger problem than get using a fake name to get drugs for him. Their position carries position is. Actors do this all the time celebrities do this all the time to protect their privacy. That's not really a legal defense because you're not supposed to do that you're not supposed to give a fake name. But that doesn't necessarily mean. That she would that the family wins the lawsuit that this guy wins the lawsuit just because Jim Carrey gave a fake name and the family also they're really banking on those text messages they feel that they are very damaging you've heard it from the lawyer right there are basically saying that this was a ruse to cover it up. May be and that's going to be an important question in terms deed he provide her with the drugs an important question not the only question in this lawsuit. But that's the most important hurdle. For them to overcome first which is. He gave were the drugs because if they can't show he gave the drugs they got no case whatsoever to announce a very difficult time for the family have suffered a loss like this absolutely very personal case filled and spare myself all right can thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"The actor is facing a wrongful death lawsuit that alleges he is responsible for the overdose suicide of his on-and-off girlfriend, 30-year-old Cathriona White. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42214700","title":"Jim Carrey Calls Lawsuit Over Ex-Girlfriend's Death 'Heartless'","url":"/GMA/video/jim-carrey-calls-lawsuit-girlfriends-death-heartless-42214700"}