Jim Carrey Protests Violence in His Own Movie

Actor tweeted he shot "Kick-Ass 2" before Sandy Hook and "cannot support that level of violence.
2:04 | 06/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jim Carrey Protests Violence in His Own Movie
We're back with jim carrey. And a stunning about-face, condemning his new movie just weeks before it hits theaters. The superstar speaking out about the violence portrayed in the film, saying there's just too much of it. Take a look. In the new film with the inappropriate title, jim carrey plays a cammo-clad crime-fighting vigilante. Reporting for duty. Reporter: While later this summer, the comn says he won't be reporting for duty to promote what some are calling a violent, even gruesome sequel to a comic book cult classic, which follows a group of superhero teens. On twitter sunday, carrey shot the film a month before sandy hook. And added that he cannot support that level of violence. I spoke to jim carrey back in march. He didn't mention anything about the violence at that time. He seemed really excited to be playing this role in this crazy film. Reporter: Mark miller, the writer of the series, and executive producer in the sequel, fired back at carrey, writing, nothing seen in the screenplay wasn't there 18 months ago. In march, he wrote and starred in this online music video, for the website funnyordie, called "cold dead hand." ♪ It takes a cold, dead hand ♪ Reporter: Taking aim at charlton heston. Carrey talks about the message behind the song here on "gma." The tragic circumstances, as far as I'm concerned, are an invitation from the universe to let go of our addiction to violence. Reporter: Now, some in hollywood wonder what carrey will do with the paycheck he's making off the violent film. He's been paid for his work on the fi. And I've heard some people saying he should donate the money to the victims of sandy hook, if he feels so strongly about it. He had no further comment about the controversy. The movie comes out in august.

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{"id":19481022,"title":"Jim Carrey Protests Violence in His Own Movie ","duration":"2:04","description":"Actor tweeted he shot \"Kick-Ass 2\" before Sandy Hook and \"cannot support that level of violence.","url":"/GMA/video/jim-carrey-kick-ass-comments-star-protests-violence-19481022","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}