Jim Carrey showcases his art in new documentary

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:30 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for Jim Carrey showcases his art in new documentary
Adrienne, it's all for you. And for "Pop news." What that was all about. You a so kind. You know, I'm humbled by this introduction but this audience, the best audience ever. You're good. Momma taught me to compliment. Compliments go far. Well, let's talk about "Pop news," everybody. Jim Carrey showcasing another talent in a new documentary called "I needed color." Look at this. The comedian highlighting his works of art including paintings, sketches, sculptures. His documentary runs for about six minutes posting that on social media taking viewers into his New York City studio space and revealing what inspires him to create. It's already had 1.5 million views. He explains he loves the freedom of visual art saying it was one bleak winter in New York City when he looked around and realized he needed color. Going on to fill his home with beautiful paintings. For those surprised by his talent you're not alone. Lebron James just as impressed tweeting out would love to see some of your work in person someday. Carrey was replying I'd hang with you any time. He was visiting one of his favorite charities in los Angeles, home boy industries and he was talking about god and his relationship with god so it's like he's showcasing his art and talking about faith. He's in this new maybe space of depth. It looked great. The art looked great in very talented so we'll see what else he's got going on. Good for him. Exhibition we're up for next. Amy Schumer, she's a trail blazer of her own Broadway bound making her debut in "Meteor shower" a new play by fellow comedian and how about comedian extraordinaire, Steve martin. 50 years he's been making us laugh. If you're going to do a project with anybody, do it with somebody who's been in the business for 50 years. Schumer is set to play a married woman who goes on a double date with her husband and couple of friends only to find themselves in a marital freefall. Joining her keegan-michael key, Alan tudyk -- some funny people. This is martin's second Broadway production. It officially officials November 29th. What I find interesting he wrote this back in the '90s then got distracted. I mean, go figure. Yeah, he had nothing else to do but, yeah, so he's reincarnated this play. It's getting mixed reviews working on the script still. He is an excellent writer. One of my favorite movies of all time "The jerk." Oh, I loved it. I loved it. Love Steve martin. That's all I need. He is a funny man. Finally a "Pop news" exclusive. Harlem globetrotter, I love robin loves them, look at this trick shot. Honorary. Watch this. She could do this too. I know she could. Whoa. Oh, no. From a chopper? From a chopper. What! That's bull Bullard making a shot 210 feet in the air from a helicopter. Oh. How do you do that? The point guard throwing the ball from the open door and somehow making nothing but net. Nothing but net. Bull was determined to top last year when he shot from like a bungee cord and swung -- here it is. Showing off just a little bit. Something bigger and better. I love it. I mean, how is he going to top the helicopter? Is he going to be on mt. Everest. Don't give him ideas. Dizzy just watching him? As we see more you know what I love about this guy, these are not the highest mountains he's climbed. ??? Ain't no mountain high enough ??? he was in the foster care system and his foster mom encouraged him to play basketball. He didn't even want to play it and had to overcome adversity, gangs, crime in the area. Drugs and now he's famous for climbing new heights. Yeah. Yeah. I know singing is a theme for your "Pop news" cast. ??? Ain't no mountain high enough nobody wants to join me but that's all right ??? thank you, guys. You see, I told you you were the best audience we had. Deb Roberts was tempted. You got to smile. You got to laugh. Good medicine, guys in yes, it is.

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49091646","title":"Jim Carrey showcases his art in new documentary","url":"/GMA/video/jim-carrey-showcases-art-documentary-49091646"}