Joan Rivers' Greatest Red Carpet Moments

The "Fashion Police" host was known for tearing into the worst-dressed celebrities on the red carpet.
2:08 | 09/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joan Rivers' Greatest Red Carpet Moments
And we continue to celebrate Joan rivers all morning. So many tributes being paid to her on social media. Lena Dunham wrote watching Joan rivers do stand-up at age 81 was incredible, athletic, jaw dropping, terrifying, essential. It never stopped. Neither will she. Younger generations know Joan best probably from the red carpet and woe want to take a look at some of her most memorable moments. I am Joan rivers and I'm back on the red carpet. Stay tuned for glamour and romance, suspense and blood chilling horror at many so of those outfits. Subtle on the jewelry which I know you're supposed to. You call that subtle. You're very spoiled now. I have not seen cups this empty since I did shots with Dina lohan. How do you look? You look good. I look good. I don't look like a swashbuckler. That's what you said five years ago. You look like a swashbuckler with money. The flower is gone. You want brutal honesty? You think you can handle the truth. Do you diet? Should I? Are you trying to give hoe a subtle hint. Jenna elfman. She is a Valentino. Valentino was drunk supply don't think Joan liked the color. What are you going to do. Wear that color again. I did like the color of her dress. People don't listen. I thought it was an amazing color, okay. It was just Amazing. If Jim Henson did clothes -- Look at this. I wore it for you Joan. Made it myself out of trash bags. It's amazing. That's what she's going to say now behind my back -- Am I all right. You look great. I don't want to hear you talking about me come Monday. Can we sing the ring? Sure. Oh, you are a fool. It should be four times this size. You should be ashamed of yourself. I know. I mean, she just went for it. You got to love it. With her everyone was in on the joke. Everybody loved it. Absolutely. Hey, join us for a special "20/20" tonight celebrating the one and only Joan rivers.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"The \"Fashion Police\" host was known for tearing into the worst-dressed celebrities on the red carpet. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25259501","title":"Joan Rivers' Greatest Red Carpet Moments","url":"/GMA/video/joan-rivers-greatest-red-carpet-moments-25259501"}