'Jobs' Actor on Portraying Still-Living Apple Co-Founder

Josh Gad on portraying Steve Wozniak and working alongside Ashton Kutcher.
2:25 | 08/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Jobs' Actor on Portraying Still-Living Apple Co-Founder
Test Text1 plain Many of us know steve jobs is the man who founded and revolutionized apple computers. Many don't know how it started and who helped apple get off the ground. When "jobs" is released. And josh gad stars as waz. I'm excited you're here, too. You're in this movie. It's before we knew about the apple and the ipod and mac. This is about the relationship early started things. What made you gravitate toward the script. It was almost like an origin. The prequel to the story of steve jobs that everybody came to know. I didn't realize that the man that is responsible for the ipod, the ipad, the iphone, was fired from apple. And that there was this entire story that happened before kind of t legacy of what we know came about. And we talked to your co-star, ashton kutcher. He talked about how intimidating it was to play someone like steve jobs. You had equally difficult task because you're playing someone who is watching you playing him. And he's incredible. How did you handle that? You know, I admire and love the man that I portrayed in this film, steve wozniak. He is working on something else. I would love for him to see the film in its entirety and comment on it. Hopefully I have a chance to meet him after. You approached this role with admiration and respect to this man and nothing else. That's right. I love steve wozniak before i began the process. I cherish him and admire him after I played him. So, it really is one of those roles that it was amazing to sink your teeth into. Before we go, we're going the play a game about gadgets. We thought it would be fun. My name's in the word gadget. Ipod or walkman? Ipod. Iphone or blackberry. Dvd or vcr? Vcr. Laptop or desktop. Laptop. I'm agreeing with you on all this. Josh gad, thank you for stopping by. And "jobs" opens nationwide AUGUST 16th. And we'll

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{"id":19903326,"title":"'Jobs' Actor on Portraying Still-Living Apple Co-Founder","duration":"2:25","description":"Josh Gad on portraying Steve Wozniak and working alongside Ashton Kutcher.","url":"/GMA/video/jobs-interview-2013-josh-gad-portraying-living-apple-19903326","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}