Jodi Arias Jury Members' 'Trying Experience'

Jurors discuss Arias' testimony, indecision to decide on her punishment.
3:44 | 05/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jodi Arias Jury Members' 'Trying Experience'
Now to a "good morning america" exclusive, three jurors from the jodi arias finally free to speak their minds. They're talking about it all now. The first impressions of the woman they convicted and why they couldn't decide why she deserved the death penalty. Here's abc's john schriffen. John, good morning. Reporter: These jurors say they're now speaking out in part to set the record e straight, giving us a unique look inside the deliberation room, to see how serious they took their responsibility of having jodi arias' life in their hands. How do you weigh a person's life. Reporter: Overnight, three jurors spoke exclusively to abc news. By a show of hands, who voted to give jodi arias the death penalty? All three of you? Why? Because, the state proved their case. It was premeditated. Reporter: But not all of their fellow jurors agreed. The final vote they said, eight for the death penalty, four for life in prison. We can't come to a decision. And it was gut-wrenching. Reporter: Now free to talk, kevin, a banker, diane a retired 191 worker and mary lieu an e.R. Nurse described what it was really like sitting on that jury. When I first walked into the room, into the courtroom, i didn't think she was the defendant. This very innocent look. Reporter: Was it hard to get over that innocent appearance? Not once the evidence started flowing. Reporter: Those photos taken by arias herself, she told the court abused her to the point she snapped. Simple answer is that he attacked me and I defended myself. Reporter: After closing arguments it didn't take the jury very long to convict arias of first degree murder. I feel little betrayed by them. Reporter: Surprised in. No. Jodi played us. Reporter: The jurors still had to face what they call the toughest part of the trial. The death-sentencing phase why couldn't this jury come to the consensus? I prayed to god that I was making the right decision. She's sentenced to death no matter what. She's dying. Reporter: Three days of deliberation, the jury still deadlo deadlocked. The judge had no choice but to declare a mistrial. I remember looking towards the prosecution table, I thought they won't even look at us. Immediately, as I was stepping down, told them I'm sorry. And it was something that was heart felt. Because I was. I was very sorry. And these jurors say they have formed a bond for life over this tough experience. One they say they would actually do all over again but they won't have that choice as a new jury will be selected for this death-penalty sentencing phase which is scheduled to start up again in two months. Bianna? All right, john, we'll see more of you in the next half-hour.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Jurors discuss Arias' testimony, indecision to decide on her punishment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19259344","title":"Jodi Arias Jury Members' 'Trying Experience'","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-jury-members-experience-19259344"}