Jodi Arias Trial: Psychologist Testifies She Has PTSD

A defense psychologist told jurors why Arias might have no memory of her ex-boyfriend's killing.
3:06 | 03/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jodi Arias Trial: Psychologist Testifies She Has PTSD
Let's get right to the latest on that so called break -- murder trial. A defense psychologist telling jurors Monday that -- area suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and saying back could explain why she has no memory. A brutally murdering her ex boyfriend. ABC's Brian Owens has all the details -- good morning right. Good morning to you Robin you know we normally think of PT SD associated with soldiers coming home from war. Or someone involved in a horrific accident but this psychologist once the jury to believe. -- area suffers from a two. I don't. Know how the mind works I don't -- blacked out I have a good memory. He if you think -- areas has an explanation for everything she did. Meet her defense psychologist. Doctor Richard Samuels says he diagnosed at 32 year old admitted killer with posttraumatic stress disorder. Even though she's the one who shot and repeatedly stabbed her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander. People who are involved in the game causing harm to another camp the Philippine TSE as a result of the hand they have cause. As a result of the stress of killing someone. Doctor Samuel says areas developed amnesia and therefore can't remember committing the brutal crime in June of 2008. A story she's repeatedly told on the stand at more -- -- Princeton. Wait there's more Samuel says he can explain all of areas his lies in the days after the crime all those attempts to cover her tracks like leaving a voicemail. For a man she just killed. He told the jury she was creating an alternative reality. To escape the horror of what she did. By creating her alternative reality. And it reduces the level of stress. Prosecutor Juan Martinez believes -- is a cold blooded killer who methodically planned the murder of her acts. On cross examination he portrayed the psychologists as gullible just the latest -- to fall for areas his charm. There's an appearance here that you trying to -- right. Doctor Samuels admits she lied to him to at the time he -- -- one -- PT ST test. Areas was still claiming what she did during this police interrogation was actually didn't see -- -- -- it. Shirts that two masked intruders killed Travis Alexander as she -- in the corner. She later admitted she killed him but claims it was in self defense. It's this test. Really is only as good. As the person who is telling or feeling you're right that's true -- they're -- In the test is not very good. That's true ultimately the psychologist was forced to make this stunning admission perhaps -- should it re administered that test. Expert witnesses like this do not come cheap in case -- wondering. It has so far cost taxpayers. More than 800000. Dollars to defend -- areas as she tries to stay on death row. Josh staggering sum Ryan thank you.

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{"id":18762296,"title":"Jodi Arias Trial: Psychologist Testifies She Has PTSD","duration":"3:06","description":"A defense psychologist told jurors why Arias might have no memory of her ex-boyfriend's killing.","url":"/GMA/video/jodi-arias-trial-psychologist-testifies-ptsd-lack-memory-18762296","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}