Joe Biden Says He 'Couldn't Win' 2016 Race

The vice president explained why he decided not to seek the Democratic nomination for president.
2:22 | 10/26/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Joe Biden Says He 'Couldn't Win' 2016 Race
Vice president Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, opening up about the decision not the run for president. Jon Karl has the story. Reporter: Joe Biden said family tragedy delayed his decision on running for president. If he had in the end, thought he could have won, he would have run. Joe Biden says he wanted to run for president. And would have, if he thought he could have won. I'll be very blunt. If I thought we could have put together the campaign that -- that our supporters deserved and our contributors deserved, I would have -- gone ahead and done it. Reporter: The problem, Biden told "60 minutes." Was that it took too long to overcome the grief following the death of his son, beau, who died in may from brain cancer. The family's grief was still too raw. I thought, well, you know, I think we can do this. My granddaughter puts her arms around me and starts sobbing. She says, pop, I see daddy all the time. I see daddy all the time. Pop, you smell like daddy. You're not going to leave me, are you, pop? Reporter: By now, Hillary Clinton seemed to be riding high in Iowa over the weekend with a little help from Katy Perry. ? You're gonna hear me roar ? Reporter: And also bill Clinton appearing at his first rally of the campaign. I'm tired of the stranglehold that women have had on the job of presidential spouse. Reporter: Hillary Clinton seeming as confident as ever. She addressed the an all-jefferson Jackson dinner. Sometimes you just have to let them hear you roar. Reporter: But there's still Bernie saernds. Hillary's strongest remaining democratic challenger says he's not ready to concede anything. Predicting he would upset her just like Barack Obama did eight years ago. I think we're going to prove the pundits wrong again. Reporter: Today is Hillary Clinton's birthday. As any politician will tell you, that means a chance to raise money. Last night, she celebrated with a star-studded fund-raiser where Tony Bennett sang happy birthday, along with demi Lovato and John legend. We get the latest on the raid to free dozens of hostages in Iraq.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"The vice president explained why he decided not to seek the Democratic nomination for president. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34731340","title":"Joe Biden Says He 'Couldn't Win' 2016 Race","url":"/GMA/video/joe-biden-couldnt-win-2016-race-34731340"}