Joe Biden Decides Against 2016 Presidential Run

The vice president spoke from the Rose Garden with his wife and President Obama at his side.
19:52 | 10/21/15

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Transcript for Joe Biden Decides Against 2016 Presidential Run
This is an ABC news special. Bell report. TV news. Good afternoon from ABC news headquarters here in New York where we are awaiting word from vice president Joseph Biden at the Rose Garden at the white house of course there has been a lot of speculation. In recent weeks about whether or not the vice president will jump into this race for president. A lot of speculation in the last 24 hours discussions about. Perhaps him revising his story about the takedown of Osama bin Laden just the latest in several headlines almost daily. On Biden and whether or not he will decide to run and want to bring in our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl and John when you got word a short time ago the vice president would be speaking. Obviously the first and it comes to mind is a perhaps a decision on whether in fact he will run. Absolutely and we are in the Rose Garden I have never seen an event more hastily arranged in this one in the Rose Garden the vice president will be coming out. Shortly with the president it already here assembled in the Rose Garden is all of the White House senior staff here that the vice president's senior staff the president's senior staff the chief of staff to national security advisor. They're all here waiting to hear word about what the vice president's going to you I will tell you David we. Don't know exactly what he's gonna say but I have never seen announcement of somebody running for president happening. In the Rose Garden so I would imagine is something other than not yes I'm running especially given the fact he's going to be standing here with the president. With the president by his side because there's been so much talk that if Joseph Biden were to run who would the president choose secretary of state Hillary Clinton or Joseph Biden the vice president. Both part of this team and so to have the president standing there next to him and the vice president's staff there in the Rose Garden many people are reading the tea leafs John. Yeah absolutely and that the west made it clear that if the vice president were wrong. The president would at least in the short term not be taking sides between his vice president. And his secretary of state and here they come they just walked out of the Oval Office and are coming here into the Rose Garden you see the vice president with his wife doctor Biden and the president. Socialist and by sprint warned folks please please. Mr. President. Thank you remind me Rose Garden from remote. As my family and I've worked through the the grieving process. I've said all along. When I've said time and again and others. That it may very well be that that process. By the time we get through it. Closes the window. On mounting a realistic campaigning. For president. That it might close. I've concluded. It has closed. I know from previous experience. That there is no timetable for this process. The process doesn't respect. Or much care about things like filing deadlines or debates and primaries and caucuses. But I also know. That. I could do this if that I couldn't do this at the family wasn't ready to good news is the families reach that point. But as I've said many times my family haven't suffered loss. And and I. I hope there would come a time and I've said this to many other families that sooner rather than later when. When you think give your loved one. It brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. Well that's where the Biden czar today thank god. Bo. Below is our inspiration. Unfortunately. I believe Rodham -- the time necessary to mount a winning campaign. For the nomination. But while I will not be a candidate. I will not be silent. I intend to speak out clearly and forcefully. To influence as much as I can't. Where we stand as a party. And where we need to go as a nation. And this is what I believe. I believe that President Obama. Has led this nation from crisis to recovery. And we're now in the cusp of resurgence. I'm proud to have played a part that. This party. Our nation. Will be making a tragic mistake. If we walk away from or attempt to do the Obama legacy. The American people have worked too hard. And we've come too far for that. Democrats should not only defend this record. And protect this record they should run on the record. We've got a lot of work to get done over the next fifteen months. There's a lot of the president there's a lot that the president will we'll have to get done. But. Let me declare. That. Will be building. On a really solid foundation. But it all starts with giving the middle class a fighting chance. And value in the press loved to call me middle class Joseph and I know war. Hinton that's not usually meant as a compliment means you're not that sophisticated but it is about the middle class. It didn't just a matter of fairness. Or economic growth. It's a matter of social stability for this nation. We cannot sustain. The current levels. Of inequality that exist in this country. I believe the huge sums of on limited and often secret money. Pouring in our politics. Is a fundamental threat to our democracy and I really mean. I think it's a fundamental threat. Because the middle class will never have a fighting chance in this country. As long as jest several hundred families the wealthiest families. Control the process. It's just that simple. I believe we have dealt level the playing field for the American people. And that's gonna take access to education and opportunity to work. We need to commit were fighting effort fourteen years we need to commit to sixteen years of free public education for all our children. We all know the twelve years of public education is not enough. As a nation. Let's make the same commitment. To a college education today that we made to a high school education a hundred years ago. Children. And child care. Is the one biggest barrier. For working families. We need is the president from broad to triple the child care tax credit. That alone will lead to a dramatic increase the number weapon able to be in the workforce. And will raise our economic standards. I'm an equitable ways to pay for this off and it will how do you pay for this. There are many equitable ways the papers we can pay for all of this with one simple step. By limiting the deductions. In the tax coded 28% in income. Wealthy folks Walden up a little bit more. But it's my guests and I mean is that show it's my guess they'll be happy to help build a stronger economy. And a better educated America. I believe we need to lead by more by the power of our example as the president has. Been really by the example of our power. We Mars and very hard lessons from more than a decade of large scale open ended military invasions. We have to accept the fact that we can't solve all the world's problems. We can't solve many of them. Alone. Yard. Admit that we jest have to do something. When bad people do bad things isn't good enough. It's not a good enough reason for American intervention. To put our sons and daughters lines on the lives on the line. With them at risk. I believe we have to end the divisive partisan politics. That is ripping this country apart I think we can it's mean spirited it's petty. It's gone on for much to law. I don't believe like some dude then it's naive. To talk to Republicans. I don't think we should look at Republicans as our enemy they are opposition. They're not our enemies. And for the sake of the country. We have to work together. As the presence Edmonton's compromise is not a dirty word. Look at this way folks. How does this country function. Without consensus. How can we move forward. Without being able a ride the consensus. Four more years in this kind of pitched battle may be warden in this country can take. We have to change. We have to change. I believe we need a moon shot in this country to cure cancer. It's partially. But I know we can do this. The president have carted working hard on increasing funding for research and development. Because there are so many breakthroughs gest on the horizon. In science and medicine. The things that are just about to happen. And we cannot. We can make them real. With an absolute national commitment. To end cancer. As we know it today. And I'm going to spend the next fifteen months in this office pushing as hard as I can to accomplish this because I know. There are Democrats and Republicans on the hill. Who share our passion. Our passion. To silence this deadly disease. If I can be anything. I really wanted to be the president ended cancer because. It's possible. I also believe we need to keep moving forward in the arc. Of this nation toward justice. The rights in the LG BT community. Immigration reform. Equal pay for women in protecting their safety from violence. Rooting out institutional racism. At their core every one of these things. Every one of these things is about the same thing. It's about a quality. It's about fairness is about respect. As my dad you say it's about a forty every single person. Dignity. It's not complicated. Every single one of these issues. Is about dignity. And the ugly forces of hate and division. They won't let up but they do not represent the American people. They do not represent the heart of this country. They represent a small fraction of the political lead. The next president's gonna have to take it on. Most of all. I believe there's unlimited possibility issues country I don't know how many of the White House staff for personal heard me say repeatedly. That we are so much better position than any country in the world. We are so what I've been doing this for a long time. When I go electors is 29 year old kid I was called the optimist. I am more optimistic about the possibilities. The incredible possibilities to leap forward and I have been any time my career. And I believe in my core. That there's no country on the face of the year better positioned to lead the world in the 21 century in the United States of America. Washington. Don't just has to begin to function again. Instead of being a problem and asked to become part of the solution again. Let's be one America again. And at our core. I've always believed that what sets America apart from and it every other nation. Is that we ordinary Americans. Believe in possibilities. Unlimited possibilities. The possibilities for kids grown up for them for inner city neighborhood and a a Spanish speaking home. We're kid from. Mayfield in Delaware willow grove in Pennsylvania like Jill and I. To be able to be anything. We wanted to be. To do any thing anything. That we want that's. Who we're both taught that's of the prisoners thought. It was real. That's what I grew up believing. And you know. It's always been true this country. And if we ever lose that. We've lost something very special. We'll have lost the very soul of this country. When I was grown up. My parents. In tough times. Looked at me. And would say to me and my Brothers and sisters. Honey it's going to be okay. And they meant. They meant. It was going to be okay. Some you cover me I say go back to rural neighborhoods. Talk to your contemporaries are success with you. Term to many people in America they too many parents. Who don't believe they can look there kidney I'd say was certitude. Honey it's going to be okay. That's who we need to change it's not complicated. That will be the true measure of our success. He will not have netted. Until every parent out there can look at the kid in tough times and say honey it's gonna be okay. Convenient. That's our responsibility. And I believe is totally within our power. The nation has done it before in difficult times. I've had agrarian great good fortune and privilege. Of being in public service. Most of my adult life since I've been 25 years old. And through personal triumphs and tragedies. My entire family. My son beau my son hunter my daughter Ashley Jill. Our whole family. This sounds corny. But we found purpose in public life. We found purpose. In public. So we intent the whole family not just me. We intend to spend the next fifteen months forty for what we've always cared about what my family so scared. With every council or be. And working along side the president and members of congress. And our future nominee. I am absolutely certain. We are fully capable of accomplishing extraordinary. Things. We can choose this. And when we do. America won't just win the future. We will own the finish line. Thank you for all be so gracious to Jill and me for this last six straight months and Ferraro career for. But I'm telling. We can do so much more. I'm looking forward to continued work this man get it. Vice president Joseph Biden looking to the future though. I declared today the waiting game now over he will not run for president saying I concluded that the window has closed. That we're out of time in his words to run a successful campaign though he vowed not to be silent. As the campaign moves forward with the other candidates he thanked the president on the way out for the use of the Rose Garden. And that's where our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl is standing by John quite a moment and as you had predicted it's not often someone with the president's standing next to them would launch a race so. It was the opposite of that but we've. With a clear view of the future and what he plans to do not only of the vice president himself of with his. Now music's. Straw ordinary moments you really hurt a vice president who wanted to run for president. He said simply we ran out of time. He had obviously been going through the grieving process losing his son Beau Biden earlier this year. And he wasn't ready to make the wrong and he had run out of time but. After he'd give us the headline David it was fascinating to hear what amounted to a campaign speech. Optimistic. Talking about how much more the war can be done how much has been accomplished by this president about how much. The next president to a Koppel she talked about everything from ending cancer. To passing immigration reform. This sounded like us something that could have easily with a few words change that the top Bennett announcement speech but obviously it wasn't that he's not running for president. But the same thing John for his supporters out there they certainly get a taste of what it would have been like to hear Biden out on the trail. Ever you bring up old Biden and that's really where this conversation. Really began with reports that. In their final time together that boat tried to get his father a to promise to run for president and we heard along the way that. A doctor Jill Biden of course the vice president's wife would have supported a run but that the ultimate decision. I would be made by the vice president. So much talk obviously about Hillary Clinton the front runner in the democratic field at this point that. Both Joseph Biden and Hillary Clinton had worked together in this White House I want to bring in Cecilia Vega has been covering the Clinton Campaign for us and to Sealy week. Have seen Hillary Clinton's poll numbers go up after the debate last week. And we also see what happens those poll numbers once Joseph Biden is taken out of the race. But it could break it in the poll numbers show that cat I can jump in hurt all members would have taken a hit and an imaginary likely a huge sigh of released today in Hillary Clinton camp. It is still eight top white asked for her to get the democratic nomination right Becky and got each helped early. You've got to do this week it's cooler controversy continues to hang over her head Bernie Sanders the Democrat that term. Senators still being obeyed her heel. Yes she is nuclear coroner right now for the democratic nomination. Joseph Biden not getting in the truck help you kidding in the streets clearly helps her but issued that Biden waking up to date it is not going to be island in this Clark paint. Or imagine will be allowed Rick Hepp and under are eager think she's got to say the next humor. And Cecilia as you know Hillary Clinton has been careful not to. Go public we'd any sort of time line putting any sort of pressure on the vice president to make this decision over campaign. Wasn't as careful and in recent days had. A been pushing the vice president and to make up of his mind either way saying the time had come for the vice president decide and for those of you. A joining us midway a special report coverage vice president Joseph Biden saying he will not run. For president but he said that had he been president he would have loved to have been the president. Kuwait and it cancer perhaps in not obviously to his son Beau Biden as the family mourns the loss of Bo but he did say that the family. Has finally reached a good place where they're able to remember and smiled to. But Joseph Biden saying I've concluded that the window has closed he will not run for president complete coverage from our political team all day long at And I hope to see for team coverage later tonight. On world news tonight I'm David Muir New York if this has been a special. For me peace.

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