Joe Manganiello says Sofia Vergara would never allow him to have a dating resume

The actor opens up about what he would put on a resume for dating live on "GMA."
8:53 | 03/20/17

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Transcript for Joe Manganiello says Sofia Vergara would never allow him to have a dating resume
Hey, hi. Good to see you. How are you doing, man? I'm good. How are you. Thanks, looking sharp. You're wearing more clothes than the last time I saw you. Oh. Yeah. It was quite embarrassing to stand in front of a bunch of guys like that but we got through it. You went right for it. I had no choice. We were waiting to see if you were going going to be tentative. Boom. Maybe it wasn't my first time. There you go. We're going to drop that I got something else. I have something I want to bring up -- No. Let's not do that. Unless you want to do the next one, George. You got that. But, you know, most of us heard of a dating profile. But what about a dating resume. Ever heard of one of those. Who. 21-year-old Joey Adams asked a girl on the date. She said show me your dating resume. He said I'll never get caught off guard again. She asked for it. I didn't she wanted to say no. Sounds like a creative abort. But no more from Joey. Joey wrote up a resume and he spoefed it on Facebook and now he has so many offers coming in. This is what he put on it the he describes himself as a lover of breakfast foods and puppies. He also -- his skills include crying during "Marley and me" and replyinging to long techs. He already got you. He also claims he makes great small talk with parts and drives in style in an '09 Honda civic. Sara has a suggestion for -- No, I don't. You whispered to me. When are you putting the special skills segment -- you know on the resume you say if you're fluent in another language if you type, what do you put in the -- The kid is already having enough trouble getting a date. But -- Private joke, George. I know everybody is taken but I'm just curious, I'm going to ask you, Sara, what would you put on yours? Funny you mentioned that. I had a resume about not false advertising. You don't want someone coming in. I don't cook. You better. I don't do a lot of things. And believe it or not it's amazing when they come in not expecting much. Low expectations. Low expectations. I blew him away. Yeah, I was really honest. I was like I quote S like a dude. I don't cook. I drink martinis. You're married to Sofia but if you were to create a resume now, what would you put on it to swoon her, to win her? Like my previous dating history, listen, I'm married to a Colombian woman. Doesn't want to know lives will be in danger. I got the same thing. You know what I'm talking about. You really outdid yourself. You wrote a book for Sofia. Like not just a resume. A book. A 40-page book. Okay. Our first anniversary of our first date. I wrote a book about our courtship and saved the text messages and pictures we sent and all the pictures we went to. Like even the table we were sitting at on our first date and made this book. What are you doing for the second anniversary? You set the bar high. I mean, I'm looking at Joe going you put a lot of pressure on some of us. Give me a call. I'll help you. We'll put one together. Did she cry. She cried. I cried thinking about it. An animated movie. The smurfs movie and finally wanted to make a movie. For your niece and nephew to see. I have a 2 1/2-year-old niece and 2-year-old nephew and aren't going to be allowed to watch anything uncle Joe has done for a very long time and I have to serve on the board of trustees for Pittsburgh children's hospital and although it's not at all why I do it but I go to the hospital and visit the kids and for years they would say who are you? That's a good thing. Now they know. They go to the hospital. I have to say, it is a little hard to imagine you as a smurf so we'll give everybody a look. Don't let them escape. Is this safe? Well, it's a giant crossbow so I'm going to go with no. Aaagh! Ooh. Incoming bird. Oh. I love those movies. I took my twins to see this a few weeks ago and I'm like still sitting there like that you play hefty smurf. I play hefty, yeah. Strong smurf. Strong. So when you saw the script what made you say yes to doing this. Hefty is such a fun character because he's this big but he's like Normal size strength in a tiny little body and then the other side of it it's juxtaposed with this -- he's kind of this clause sought poet. He's in love with smurfette and sometimes it comes out in very embarrassing moments so a fun thing to play with a little character. How did you like doing an aimed movie versus doing the regular kind. You get the roll into work with your sweat pants on, baseball hat like it's the best job. Roll in by yourself. Knock it all out. You never work with anybody else. Just straight to the screen. I never worked with anybody else. You know, it was funny. This week, this week, demi and Mandy patinkin and went to the united nations to speak at the united nations with our giant smurfs, yeah. For smurf rights. No, it's international happiness day today. We were there to award exemplary kids who had done extraordinary things in order to help the world to become more sustainable so giving awards away to these kids but we were there and I never met Mandy but we were in this movie together which is kind of interesting. You're also doing a project with Dwayne "The rock" Johnson who is also just an incredible guy. Can you tell us about that. "Rampage." Based on the 1980s video game about giant monsters smashing cities. Should be pretty fun. Niece and nephew won't watch that for awhile in maybe a couple of years but "Magic Mike" maybe never see that ever. Ever. That's kind of an ever movie. Ever. What was he like on the set? He didn't show up with clothes on. Brave. I want to say that I think -- maybe there was maybe like 90% of that scene that the general public did not see because we were -- there is somewhere. But you just said that. S there he are some lost tapes of this guy doing amazing things. Love karaoke. Yes. Which Amy and I love to hear, he hear. What is your go-to song. I've got a surprising strong falsetto voice. Whoa. Didn't see that coming. Something you don't know about me. So probably prince's kiss. There was this famous "Magic Mike" one. We went to this bar in Tampa, Florida. DI prince's kiss and followed up with bon jovi. "Smurfs: The lost village" hits theaters March. For all those pokers,

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{"id":46243476,"title":"Joe Manganiello says Sofia Vergara would never allow him to have a dating resume","duration":"8:53","description":"The actor opens up about what he would put on a resume for dating live on \"GMA.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/joe-manganiello-sofia-vergara-dating-resume-46243476","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}