John Lennon's Son Julian Reflects on His Father

Julian Lennon stops by Katie and opens up about his late father, their tenuous relationship, and turning 50!
3:00 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for John Lennon's Son Julian Reflects on His Father
Nice to get -- Warm welcome slightly -- again. You seem very either way thank you very little. Told me you weren't that big I mean I'm older than you are -- said don't feel that when I say this -- -- the Big Five that's right and you know -- -- -- I'm feeling probably more comfortable in less than November them so this -- in the last night yeah. I don't know that to be standing in 1998. You walked away -- the music industry yes why does she do that. I did that several times because I just didn't enjoy -- The business of the industry and I love the artistry of like the writing and recording and working with people -- time but. But the business of just -- -- until. And all of the other thing was I had lot of -- passions in life and now you know I'm involved in photography a great deal which is. Which is absolutely absolutely my number one passion of the moment. In fact I was able to look at some fairly did you he's gonna go to work and they're absolutely beautiful and thank you -- -- one of the photos that you took was a bonanno. -- -- -- And I I think -- title -- someone to look up to. Yes I truly sat down. And and looked up from thought. -- -- The photos that's behind -- -- dad when he was about seventeen. When the I just think she was in Hamburg -- -- points in time the end of -- goes Bono is there's always been many defendants some. You know so I've always been -- -- kind of both. -- -- -- you're working and a documentary yes that's -- and and it really is all about. It's Giuliani and then all of that is -- that you help us. That was my understandings aimed at this documentary was kind of opportunity. To answer questions that a -- once and for all I think -- or to come to terms with everything that you dealt with. At the idea was so I'd really didn't -- C you know doing the sort of and I just didn't wanna do that's until what what better way than to. To at least put something available to everybody is any point in time with a lot of fences and it's been a learning process for me -- and and summary discovery -- that as well so I think it's they'll be adjusting for other people see that side. Now that your front man and -- He said feeling more comfortable in your own then let me think about your dad -- what is the overwhelming emotion you feel Julian. Well I mean it's still saddens me that the G you know that we didn't to have -- adult life together but I certainly. I don't -- obviously he was in the best father in the world that's for show at least not in my case but. I mean one I did learn from him was I feel at least. How to be a great musician. I would I would be a great songwriter. You know I think he was changing lights on in life he was opening up the wiwa in a stunning get closer later -- so. You know this this forgiveness and there is -- -- without question. Tell me about this music -- that your that you're now. You know you're going back into the recording -- Indiana AM RU interpretations about it now you're excited enough and -- monkeys and you'll. -- on it. Okay. This I can't let other people's opinions weigh me down it's just not a healthy way to live -- -- -- -- release those chains. And you know again as an artist I just wanna move on them -- -- wouldn't be happy and I.

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{"id":20936564,"title":"John Lennon's Son Julian Reflects on His Father","duration":"3:00","description":"Julian Lennon stops by Katie and opens up about his late father, their tenuous relationship, and turning 50!","url":"/GMA/video/john-lennons-son-julian-reflects-father-20936564","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}