John McAfee Collapses at Detention Center After Arrest

Software mogul's health scare is caught on tape as he's carried unconscious toward an ambulance.
2:41 | 12/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John McAfee Collapses at Detention Center After Arrest
Now, to the latest scare for john McAfee, who is wanted for questioning inize. He collapsed as the detention center where he was being held. He was rushed to the hospital. At first, they thought he might have suffered a heart attack. He's back in detention. And matt gutman is in guatemala city with the latest twist in this bizarre case. Good morning, matt. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. I SPOKE TO john McAfee last night. He said his attorneys are working on five, separate actions that could delay his deportation to belize, at least by a couple of d and free him from this detention center. And it follows what could be the most bizarre day in his month-long run from the law. Instd of being deported to belize in handcuffs on thursday, a seemingly unconscious john McAFEE, IS WHEELED INTO A Hospital on a gurney. McAFEE'S MONTH-LONG GAME OF CAT And mouse with authorities of two countries, ended with a sudden emergency. The software anti-virus pioneer, apparently sufferingrom a heart problem thursday morning, became unresponsive in this immigration detention center. McAFEE TELLING ABC NEWS -- I simply passed out. And I think that's the combination of stress and everything else. I hit my head. Reporter: A dramatic scene, with this ambulance powering through a thicket of cameramen. McAFEE, IN THE BACK OF THE Ambulance, lying prone on a headboard, eyes closed. Then, the chase. Tv crews careening through guatemala's streets. THE PRESS, pursuing McAfee on this gurney, right into the emergency room. As medics transferred him to a bed and began addressing him, suddenly, the man who appeared nearly dead, spoke. Please, not in front of the press. Please. Reporter: Asking the nurses not to address him in front of the media. OVERNIGHT, WE SPOKE to McAfee. Everything turned white. And then, everything turned black. Reporter: You passed out? A far cry from a jittery and raw McAFEE, WE MET ON WEDNESDAY, Describing his disguising, in his month on the run from belize, and his escape to guatemala. I had a cane. I was walking like this. And I had my jaws stuffed with toilet paper. Reporter: And unabashed about his use of deception. I have been deceptive. And I will continue do be deceptive if necessary. Reporter: And perhaps, his friends. Now, the u.S. Embassy said it won't step in to help. IN THE MEANTIME, McAFEE WILL Have to wait in this lockup, full of south american migrants, until the high court here can decide his fate. Eliz all those twists and turns. Matt, thank you so much.

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{"id":17902294,"title":"John McAfee Collapses at Detention Center After Arrest","duration":"2:41","description":"Software mogul's health scare is caught on tape as he's carried unconscious toward an ambulance.","url":"/GMA/video/john-mcafee-software-mogul-collapses-detention-center-arrest-17902294","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}