Jorge Ramos Addresses His Confrontation With Donald Trump

The news anchor discusses 'go back to Univision' comment and the experience of being tossed out of the real estate mogul's news conference.
3:11 | 08/26/15

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Transcript for Jorge Ramos Addresses His Confrontation With Donald Trump
The man of the moment, Jorge Ramos joins us right now and, Jorge, you said in that piece you've never seen anything like this before but is it what you were expecting given the disputes between univision and Mr. Trump? No, what I would expect is that I can ask a question as a journalist because that's our responsibility and I would expect Mr. Trump to answer honestly about what he really wants to do because he hasn't given us the specifics and I saw your show on Sunday and you pushed him on how he's going to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants and he didn't answer your question and didn't answer mine but I didn't expect to be thrown out of a press conference. Never in my life and I've been a journalist more than 30 years. I've never been thrown out. The tape shows Mr. Trump looked over to the security guard before the guard came over to you. Do you think he was directing the security guard to take you out? It is very clear with his body language that he was giving orders and I did wait for my turn. You know how it is in those press conferences, two reporters before me ask a question and then I said I have a question on immigration. He didn't say anything. I stood up. I started my question. He didn't like my question and when he didn't like my question he motioned so the one security guard would come where I was and then threw me out of the press conference. What did the guard say to you? What happened backstage? I waited outside and then my other colleagues also confronted Donald Trump and somebody from his campaign came out of the room, told me if I wanted to come in and ask my question and I did. Of course, I went -- I came all the way to do that. Remember, I tried to have an interview with Donald Trump. He didn't allow me to have an interview. He published my cell phone. That's what I wanted to do. I came back and asked those questions. He eventually did take your questions. Have you heard anything else from him or his team? No, I didn't hear anything new. He has to explain how he wants to deport 11 million people. Can you imagine how is he going to do that? Put people in stadiums? We have to denounce that he wants to deny citizenship to children being born here. They're citizens just like his and it is impossible to build a 1900-mile wall between Mexico and the United States, so that's the kind of questions that I was asking Mr. Trump and obviously he didn't give any -- You pressed him hard with those questions and have had tough things to say about Mr. Trump. On CNN you said he was the loudest voice of intolerance, division and hatred right now in America. How do you respond to some of your critics like Sean spicer, the chief strategist of the RNC who says you're more advocate than journalist? What I would say is that as a journalist, you have to take a stand. I think the best journalism happens when you take a stand and when it comes to racism, discrimination, corruption, public lies, dictatorships of human rights as journalists, we are not only require but we are forced to take a stand. I think Mr. Trump will give you an interview now. He didn't want to before but right after the interview, he said, we'll talk so let's see if he keeps his promise. I'm not sure. Jorge Ramos, thanks for your time this morning. Thanks, George.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The news anchor discusses 'go back to Univision' comment and the experience of being tossed out of the real estate mogul's news conference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33325670","title":"Jorge Ramos Addresses His Confrontation With Donald Trump","url":"/GMA/video/jorge-ramos-addresses-confrontation-donald-trump-33325670"}