Joseph Gordon Levitt Talks 'The Walk'

The actor is already receiving Oscar buzz for playing daredevil, Philippe Petit, known for walking safely across a string between the Twin Towers in 1974.
4:34 | 09/25/15

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Transcript for Joseph Gordon Levitt Talks 'The Walk'
one hand is tied behind the back "The walk," a tightrope was strung between the twin towers. 110 stories over Manhattan and walked across it without a safety net. Joseph gordon-levitt is already getting Oscar buzz. You'll see why. Take a look. Of course, I automatically look across to the opposite tower but then I have to dare to look down. Oh. My stomach drops just seeing that clip there. You were about 12 feet high but even that was a little scary. You learned from the great, from Philippe petit himself. He insisted he be the first one to teach me how to do it, how to walk on the wire and put together this elaborate workshop and spent eight days straight and by the end of the day you'll be able to walk on your own. That sounds ambitious but he's such a positive thinker, so optimistic, the idea of not being able to do something never enters his min nt to remember positive things and beautiful memories and that's what this movie is, you know, it's a beautiful, bright time at the birth of the towers. Your performance is bright and spectacular and I was very impressed with your French accent. Oh, thanks. Any time you're playing someone who is still alive that's intimidating enough but that French accent was spot-on. You say that was a dream come true for you. I really love the French language and studied it ever since I was a kid. That's what I was studying at Columbia was French and, yeah, I get a big kick out of doing accents and have done a bunch of them but they've all been American accent, east coast, southern. Had is the first time I tried an accent not American. You nailed it and Philippe actually watched the film and after he saw the film he called you. He called me, yeah, and he was like, you're the first one I want to call, you know, I just want to tell you I love the movie, it's so important to me you represent my art, my work so well and I wanted to tell -- he's the kind of guy, you know, he's an honest man and if he didn't like the movie, I don't think he would have called me. I think he would have just folded his arms and not said anything. The best endorsement from the man himself. You mentioned when I was a kid. It is Friday and we like to call it flashback Friday and found a clip of you, one of your very first appearances on "Good morning America." You were 14 years old. Let's take a look. Now you've been doing this since you were, what, 6. 6. Agent, somebody a casting direct saw you. And asked my mom -- Hey, mom -- Get in this movie. No, just would you like to get represented? We just said, well, okay, why not. My hope, pay for college but to be on "Good morning America." Is it safe to say that your acting career covered that tuition? Oh, yeah, that's what it was at the beginning, you know, my parents and I, we never thought that it would turn into my life's work or anything. We just thought, hey, nopefulhopefully get a few jobs age pay for college. You're fantastic in the movie, Joseph, thanks so much for being with us. "The walk" is in theaters nationwide on Friday.

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{"id":34033770,"title":"Joseph Gordon Levitt Talks 'The Walk'","duration":"4:34","description":"The actor is already receiving Oscar buzz for playing daredevil, Philippe Petit, known for walking safely across a string between the Twin Towers in 1974.","url":"/GMA/video/joseph-gordon-levitt-talks-walk-34033770","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}