Cyberattack Breaches JPMorgan Chase's Security

Federal investigators are trying to determine the scale of the attack and whether customer account information was compromised.
1:19 | 08/28/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cyberattack Breaches JPMorgan Chase's Security
We begin with that cyberattack on J.P. Morgan chase. With a bank this big it raises big questions about the safety of personal accounts and national security. ABC's chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas is tracking it from Washington. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, George. Today one of the nation's biggest banks has been hacked and this morning the FBI and the secret service are investigating. Law enforcement sources tell ABC news federal agents are investigating a potential major breach of J.P. Morgan chase's computers and those of at least one other major financial institution. Investigators are trying to determine whether sensitive customer account information is among what was compromised. Company and government officials declined to offer specifics but last night the FBI released a statement saying it and the secret were working to determine the scope of recently reported cyberattacks against several financial institutions. One official told ABC news that when a bank the size of J.P. Morgan chase is targeted, it's not just considered a financial crime but also potentially a national security matter. Investigators will look to see whether organized crime rings were involved and whether the attack originated in Russia. So far the bank is not seeing any unusual fraud activity but I'm sure customersant to know exactly what was hacked.

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{"id":25156599,"title":"Cyberattack Breaches JPMorgan Chase's Security","duration":"1:19","description":"Federal investigators are trying to determine the scale of the attack and whether customer account information was compromised.","url":"/GMA/video/jp-morgan-chase-hacked-cyber-attack-breaches-banks-25156599","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}