Julia Louis-Dreyfus Nude Photos Spark Controversy

The actress' racy photo with a clown for GQ's comedy issue is raising some eyebrows.
2:49 | 04/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Julia Louis-Dreyfus Nude Photos Spark Controversy
Is that what that is? Guess who is not shy? Julia louis-dreyfus. Hilarious star is getting all kinds of attention. Sparking some debate, by posing nude in a couple of magazines out right now. And juju Chang has the story. Good morning, juju. Reporter: That is raising eyebrows. It hardly seems provocative anymore. A Hollywood star gets naked and gets attention. The heated controversy raises a double-standard. For female comics? Or a woman of a certain age? Or too risque. It gives a new meaning to clowning around. Getting very intimate between the sheets with a clown. It's the jaw-dropping photo of actress Julia louis-dreyfus making waves in may's comedy issue of "G.Q." Magazine. This photo shoot was the brainchild of the 53-year-old comedian, who is not afraid of getting naked in front of cameras. And now, the internet is abuzz. Is it simply humor that's racy. Or does it cross a line into raunchy? One person writing. Tacky. Somebody is trying real hard to stay relevant. But there are supporters, too. One person writing. Intelligent, pretty, talented woman. She looks wonderful. We love this. "G.q.," it's one of the funniest photographs of a long time. She's smart and funny and sexy. The fact she can pull them all together, that's why she's one of the greatest comediennes out there. Reporter: She rose to fame as Elaine on "Seinfeld." He's a regifter. Reporter: And now plays a power house on the TV show "Veep." What's your name? I'm so sorry. Starts with a "K." Can you just tell me? Kelly. Reporter: This is the second time in a month she's stripped down for a magazine. Appearing on the cover of "Rolling stone" with nothing but the U.S. Constitution on her back. And now, this clown throwdown. My first reaction was, ew. A little gross. Clown is a little creepy. She's 53. She looks amazing. And she's showing off her body. It's quite empowering. Reporter: At the end of the day, it's Julia who is having the last laugh. Her and her new baby clown. Let's face it. Comedy is often edgy. And this really dances on the knife's edge of tasteless. It's kind of like a rorschach test, right? It has everyone talking about it. It's going to sell magazines. It's going to drive page views. So, one could argue she knew exactly what she was doing. It's a provocative thing. It's disturbing for me. You don't like the clowns. I don't like the clowns.

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{"id":23452024,"title":"Julia Louis-Dreyfus Nude Photos Spark Controversy","duration":"2:49","description":"The actress' racy photo with a clown for GQ's comedy issue is raising some eyebrows.","url":"/GMA/video/julia-louis-dreyfus-gq-nude-photos-spark-controversy-23452024","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}