Julianne Moore Shines as Professor With Alzheimer's

"Still Alice" star talks about emotional performance in her newest film on "Popcorn with Peter Travers."
11:55 | 02/06/15

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So Lydia know what your plan. And in critical literally nervous about tomorrow night dance and refinements not their but I'll definitely have the plot all of you out the answer would tend to zoo Wednesday and 8 o'clock. You don't just it and took me 91 and 100 and where you sit. Saugus and inner keystone Jackson's sudden seeing on the news I don't forget two things that are doing. SA UG. AT Vincent and you know. No you're not helping much to worry about remembering something choosing have turned legislator do achieve when we're. It's a problem who must talk about Harrison city here I'm not I'm talking to her I'm yes if you. If I everybody Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's happening now called still Alice which you keep hearing about because. The star of the movie Julian Moore keeps winning awards and she. Just had a Golden Globe which sees it potential in things with the attended fair you can be sure it anyway it is a great performance. We're going to be hearing about this movie and Julianne right up to Oscar time and I hope beyond because. Beyond awards you look at the quality of and this movie has that in Spain. So Julianne Moore well. Hey well contained Eric thanks for having me it's incredible story about a woman who. Is diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's when you now have met the author of the book could Sunnis oh. Wonderful person but tell us a little bit about. Alice who you play. Well I think the story of remarkable and least known of wrote the book because her grandmother. Had alzheimer's disease that she felt like there was lots stories about how effective use. Dramatically and also stories from when you used it for the caregiver family and her but nothing from the inside nothing subjective about how person feels how they're experiencing it. And she wanted to make a character younger because so often the symptoms of dementia are are dismissed a symptoms of aging when in fact they're not you know dementia alzheimer's disease. So this is a woman prime of her life she has three adult children a great career great marriage. This is suddenly shocked to discover that she has Leon sat. Alzheimer's to it's really about how she lives with that how the disease progresses. That kind of who she is what she values who she loves who stays in her life of Cuomo's and it's completely subjective look at the situation. That your character Alice is a Columbia professor in linguistics. There's one point where they're saying. Somebody who's always on the ball and things like that. Might have it worse bank. My. Well padded because she's. Been masking it for so long you know someone who has that degree of of intelligence generally is able to find a way to get around things so. So what happens is it often they've been masking symptoms for very long times by the time they're diagnosed or their maybe more progressed. That somebody somebody else would be. But there's a back story to still us and that's the two men that. Yes directed at the fascinating story so wash Westmoreland Richard Glasser. Who adapted this to them this book and then and then directed it have been a couple for almost twenty years and Richard was diagnosed with Dallas and when. When Richard was diagnosed life sent to him you know what he wanted to do you wanna quit working on travel around the world on mergers like I want to make movies. Because that's what they do and that's what they care about me believe it movies are valuable and and human stories are valuable and they want to spend time doing that so. He rewire in this situation where what was going on in their life personally was being reflected in the film that favor making and it was. Just extraordinary. Really really special. What this movie also does and you just alluded to it was. What it is not just for Alice. But for her fans rang out Baldwin playing the husband she has three children. And especially moving to me with the scenes you and Kristen Stewart she's one where she's the daughter who's the actress who's sort of yes. The easy sentimentality. I'm. I'm living in LA I don't get any. Who becomes the caretaker for this it's yes she's the one she's the she's the child seems the most removed and not an off the closest to her mother ends up being one community. Really handle it and really takes care for it really tries understand. Who Alice is at every single thing aids. And she's old Corey Leonard terrific actors is lovely lovely person and she's great great partner. When. And more than it was a twice refused well. I didn't ask her. Huge doing my husband and a movie with my has been called catch that kid and he accidentally lobby he wonders so badly castor in me and come home at night say. This kid is remarkable she is such talents in big stars disgrace on event you know. And and have not been surprised by her success I mean not at not in the she's she's a great acts Summers have Alan Baldwin. You know who I apps will cover thirty days you must enable this at the end has yet to this edit this move is. I didn't I just I you know. I email him but I don't think you could do this is part might be too small for you. And members of fortune. Now and then we had Kate Bosworth to parish in an all these amazing New York actors everything. You can slip into your boss and accident with. Thanks to each. Don't have to wait and minimal at 30 Rock is gone on earth I think he met with you and a review to see you any written me on board to Rainsy. Because media view in Meehan eighths offset I think out Allen and I don't. I ain't. Oh this thing that they should watch you are such at that. You sure. This just the work that the worst thing about that is that having sex with that gates it's true now it just seems wrong ordering others to three truth is Dari. Believes it has have been reunion for human is it you see now threatening and I've seen her and and two residences yes he's doing this since grade and rattles sometimes you have the freckles and sometimes their. All critical Fave character we've written those who asked my white teachers and schools you've done well because it's grade it's about. Somebody sitting in saint so I have freckle me now we can't demeaning of and a children's. Book writers and what don't you bet. Don't died. I'll let you guys that this is an area that I don't like the head island ahead in the water. Hook up but while I don't think you're going to be cap. And neck it has it's really important. But I asked this question of actors who were on the show about Hong. The movies they've done it me I could say I've read that you've done it sixty to humans. Yes that's so as an anti UK something but I could ask you to recite all of them and use the cognitive tests. I. Member actives and rocks rain yeah. Those who is that. He's really good thing and then you got that. Yes. It's of. Three of four movies that sit with you not nominations are anything but that. If the space alien analysts say there's a space yen down. And wanting to know you they just met you and really liked here and they want to know what movies they should go debt to fly ash the once it means something the year. Well far from heaven means a lot to me because Todd wrote it. For me you know I mean he called me on the phone and said you know hand I'm that this issue which you look at it now was that aren't kidding. You know you wrote something for me. And it was just it was a beautiful. The use of OP's. And I was pregnant with my daughter shot it so kind of hasn't Mary. You'll mean. I love that movie looking at. It's. Flash when LC and the affair. That movies. Kids are all right. And there's I mean can sit there and some stay safe of course became very prophetic. Now that a movie about somebody he's chemically you are just the words. Well I think is interesting thing I remember nobody seemed to respond to and whenever you know at the end of that decade of war like that was one of the best films the ninety's so. I have to get up between coming out and people's spending time with kindness and seeing lies but you know Todd is just. He's great fun here. You have another movie you have several movies but one that I did see and I just love beyond reason. Called maps that. They oh that's right. She only won the best actress award at hand and festival for free all I got little. Mary. Let's you know you're playing actress. In Hollywood now. Who is ants off probably off. She is that she's reaches her she's a bottomless pit mean and Hume never ever be satisfied nothing will ever be enough for her suit notes from your own. I have it. He would just you can keep saying it's not Hollywood but when you it's about half. Families at two different families and and NASA grand and the reason she is operations is just feel she was never parent. You have this mother who was just me who didn't wasn't able to meet with her lover enough and so everything out about kind of feeling that. You know that lost her. And it's taken out on her assistants who as the one SW wash house. She's I remember when David city enemy is thinking about doing this my emails right way I was include knees. Police played his part who knees. She's just that she's such a magnificent actress and and so very president and so. On show Lee you know me she's very very modest is very quietly in the diet. Aren't well last question as always here on the show is song. Hungry you go into song last time you hear win game change. Had Jay Roach but he didn't help you are no what do you make. It was she's the Clinton inch. Content into noon it's ice ice glazed eyes eyes and I yeah but now there must be something else going. In. And I can't sing and go. The ocean. He found ten home me you know Karen Elson does that other of the violence line. And that's this idea and this is it this is the person who in what -- new. Played a rock star. I I married an. Really. Fewer but parents and that's sunk so beautifully. Spain. Now but there's going to be this Julianne Moore musicals. Hopes now yet where's Rob Marshall job. We Robbie get him and yeah yeah all right go up. I thank you for being here I can only give you this popcorn. At. On Oscar night willow each year you'll never get. It yet nobody thinks. We need. Yup which barely did.

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