Jury Must Decide If Michigan Man Murdered His Boss

Deliberations resume in the high-profile case of the accountant accused of killing his boss.
2:29 | 07/13/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jury Must Decide If Michigan Man Murdered His Boss
She's ogling the shots from my left as we speak. That and a bunch more in "Pop news." They'll be back in the courtroom tomorrow for a trial of man accused of murdering his boss. We're hearing the 911 call from the secretary that found David loss lying in a pool of blood on the floor of his office. Bazi kanani has more. Reporter: Good morning. This case has captivated a small country in western Michigan. Wondering if man that lived and worked among them for years is capable of a deliberate, stone cold murder. A jury entering a third day of deliberation in the trial of the seemingly timid accountant, accused of killing his boss at the office in Kalamazoo, Michigan. What's going on? My boss is shot in the head. Your boss has been shot in the head? Um, yes. Reporter: That 911 call last October a key part of the case. Before police arrived, the traumatized secretary who also testified in court, names a suspect. You already have an idea who did it. We thing so, yes. Okay. There was Baig argument here yesterday. And, oh, my god. Who was he in the argument with yesterday? Andy brown. Reporter: Prosecutors say David Locey found his employee stealing. His life was about to fall apart. He was going to take Mr. Locey with him, the man who gave him a second chance. Reporter: Investigators found gunshot residue on brown's clothes. He's pleaded not guilty. Defense attorneys say there is plenty of room for doubt. There's a shoe print that is from the killer's shoe, it's not Andy's shoe. It's not an ascent to the top of a reasonable doubt. Reporter: The wait continues for family and friends in packed courtroom. Nine months since David Locey was murdered. Two weeks of testimony. When the jury reconvenes tomorrow, it will be the third day. Andy brown's family also in the courtroom. Now anxiously awaiting the verdict. Let's get the overnight headlines, Ryan smith. Good morning, again. Let's begin in the middle

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{"id":24541251,"title":"Jury Must Decide If Michigan Man Murdered His Boss","duration":"2:29","description":"Deliberations resume in the high-profile case of the accountant accused of killing his boss.","url":"/GMA/video/jury-decide-michigan-man-murdered-boss-24541251","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}