Jury seating difficulties for high-profile Taylor Swift case

: Jury experts said Swift's team is going to want jurors who would "believe everything that comes out of her mouth," in her case against David Mueller, a DJ who allegedly grabbed her from behind at a meet and greet.
4:28 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for Jury seating difficulties for high-profile Taylor Swift case
First the latest on that court battle for Taylor Swift. Jury selection has begun in her suit against a deejay she accuses of groping her. He is also suing her for getting him fired. ABC's Clayton Sandell is at the white house in Denver. Good morning, Clayton. Reporter: And good morning, George. One of the first things today both sides will start narrowing down that list of potential jurors but one of the big challenges is finding a jury that can be impartial when there's a superstar in the courtroom. Security at the Denver federal courthouse this morning is tight. Opening statements expected today in Taylor Swift versus David Mueller. ??? We got problems ??? Reporter: The megastar with more than 100 million Instagram followers battling a former country radio deejay accusing him of grabbing her from behind during this meet and greet in 2013. This photo leaked to TMZ evidence. Mueller denies anything inappropriate suing swift alleging she got him fired. ??? Trouble when you walked in ??? Reporter: The two face-to-face in front of Poe jepgs jurors who answered questions, have you ever considered yourself a fan of Taylor stwift? Have you ever gone to a Taylor Swift concert? Jury experts say they are celebrity can be a big advantage. Miss swift's team will want somebody who just sees stars when they see Taylor Swift and is going to believe everything that comes out of her mouth. Reporter: Potential jurors also face tougher questions like have you ever been inappropriately touched or been wrongly accused of inappropriately touching someone. One man said he could not be impartial because a friend was once sexually assaulted. He was dismissed. Fair and impartial is certainly what the goal is, but anybody who is working for one team or the other, you're going to be looking for the juror that you think is going to be siding more with your view of the case. Reporter: On that infamous photo one woman said she's seen it but is keeping an open mind. They hope to have eight jurors seated by noon then opening statements. Now Taylor Swift is required to be here for the entire nine-day trial and she is expected to testify. GE. Okay, Clayton, thanks. Let's talk to Dan Abrams about this. He laid it out. Pretty tricky to pick a jury in these circumstances. Starting with Taylor Swift's celebrity. That's right and the first thing you do have a form where the jurors answer all these questions and one of them is are you a Taylor Swift fan. Do you have family members who are Taylor Swift fans and get rid of the super fans. They aren't making it onto the jury. You don't have any concerns about that. You have more of a concern, the people who know her to some degree, have family members who know her. Like her, et cetera. But I think it's actually sometimes easier than we make it out to be. Meaning, yes, there are a lot of Taylor Swift fans out there but there are a lot of people out there who don't know that much about her. You see that. You are able to find people who don't know that much about her and about the case. What are the other challenges here. I think the most important issue and that was the other question that was mentioned is, have you or someone you care about or love ever been the victim of a sexual assault? Remember, this is a celebrity case, yes, but in reality this is a sexual assault case. I mean Taylor Swift is saying she was sexually assaulted. Let's not forget that in the context of Taylor Swift and big-time celebrity, et cetera. This is about credibility. It's about a guy who got fired from his job saying it was based on a lie and about Taylor Swift saying I was sexually assaulted and decided to stand up for myself. Those are more important than figuring out who you want on the jury than Taylor Swift fan, not Taylor Swift fan, et cetera, because the creditable, not just of Taylor Swift the celebrity but of Taylor Swift the person and if this deejay, the person, based on what they're sayinghaed becomes critical in the case. That's going to be the thing that everybody has to wipe away once they're sitting on the jury pool, the personas around the two people. And it comes just -- will come down to their testimony. And that's why I said this yesterday. Her testimony becomes critical. The only way I think she really has a danger of losing this case is if she's terrible on the witness stand. If she doesn't come across as credible. Really tough case for him. And as a result, he's going to have to be terrific and credible so those are the key issues in the case. Dan Abrams, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":": Jury experts said Swift's team is going to want jurors who would \"believe everything that comes out of her mouth,\" in her case against David Mueller, a DJ who allegedly grabbed her from behind at a meet and greet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49089641","title":"Jury seating difficulties for high-profile Taylor Swift case","url":"/GMA/video/jury-seating-difficulties-high-profile-taylor-swift-case-49089641"}