Is Justin Bieber Out of Control?

Recent behavior reminiscent of other child stars' antics.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Transcript for Is Justin Bieber Out of Control?
Striding out of jail it was Justin Bieber as his devoted fans become accustomed to seeing him starring in another spectacle. This time clambering atop his SUV saluting the crowd after his -- rest overnight for. Line and border back into the car by corrections officers. Much earlier in the morning authorities were pulling him out of a car. Miami Beach police say they spotted -- red to yellow Lamborghini into red Ferrari drag racing. Police say not only were Bieber is -- in the red Ferrari drag. And that trailed -- grinning mug shot. So different from the more -- -- that bond hearing today the judge granted Bieber -- 2500 dollar bot. Eli alcohol or drugs. Still -- who was biting his lip resisting without violence. Driving with an expired driver's license. It wasn't so long ago that Justin Bieber seemed so wholesome -- journalists. I grew out. -- not a lot of money I was mom I was live with my mom my moment my mom and that's the governor's Leon. He was a thirteen year old Ontario boy living with a single mom -- YouTube performance went viral spawning a record career that sold over fifteen million records. And nearly fort. Billion YouTube views. I feed off the same energy as they're screaming really loud I hit -- -- nothing else it's very exciting and like so many child stars. He had to come home page in the spotlight and growing up from becoming a manner and -- my fans are wrong with me but he's not only still east there -- potential. The scuffles with paparazzi. The traffic stops. But even as -- as 2012. He sounded like using young man with a lot of control got to be responsible and you know as far as alcohol -- have to be responsible -- drunken driving. Excessively I think you just have to be responsible. Then things started getting weird. It was just months ago that Bieber reportedly fired most of his team including crisis manager Wendy filled several -- Ago Justin Bieber sort of made a switch in his team and those people who were close to surround him the experts who advise ten. And you can tell he made that switch because that's when things start to go downhill really really quickly. The photo ops stopped being so -- Justin Bieber urinating into a pocket just in beaver leaving the notorious brothel in Rio de Janeiro Justin Bieber painting graffiti the -- of -- building. Think that many nineteen year old to go through this sort of explosion. A bad behavior. Spot you have a kid who grew up without two parents who grew up really quickly and who has a billion dollars. And just this month he was accused of -- -- this house calls in 20000 dollars in damage -- denied the incident but it has some people wondering. Was -- young -- and control Justin Bieber does not. -- Justin Bieber is one of those celebrities who thinks he lives. By a different set of rules he thinks because he has money bodyguards and power that he's impervious to the traditional rules of society. Of course he's -- first yes -- -- step out of line into the spotlight for the wrong reasons singer Chris Brown for once seemed to avoid. First there was the 2009 domestic violence charge brought against him his then girlfriend Rihanna that. -- club meets with the rapper Drake. -- just last fall a fist fight outside a Washington hotel and Lindsay Lohan seems to a spent more time on tabloid covers then. On the big screen since her once promising acting career was derailed by. Hard partying no limits lifestyle. We're talking six separate trips to rehab and more time in courtrooms -- judge Judy's. I think Lindsay Lohan has the same problem that Justin Bieber does. Failure to comprehend that -- responsible for her own actions and has to live by the same rules as everyone else. You look at Lindsay -- see a lot of parallels it's a girl whose career was. A rocket ship. And now it's a -- quite frankly. This is -- himself Justin -- the greatest concern for being here is the do you live the other charges. Will walk away with a slap on the wrist that. Trailed by his faithful -- fans so called believers and perhaps even more dedicated pack of paparazzi. His release was an event -- sworn that the fresh faced crooner. She'll lose face and he did under extraordinary security. And then be -- rumbled off. You think it'll be over but -- beavers suvs barreling right back to Miami Beach America's party capital. For Nightline I'm Matt Gutman in Miami.

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{"id":21650773,"title":"Is Justin Bieber Out of Control?","duration":"3:00","description":"Recent behavior reminiscent of other child stars' antics.","url":"/GMA/video/justin-bieber-control-21650773","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}