Justin Bieber Storms Off the Stage Mid-Concert

The pop star left the stage mid-concert in Manchester, England and asked fans to stop screaming.
2:57 | 10/25/16

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Transcript for Justin Bieber Storms Off the Stage Mid-Concert
Did it willing Phil. The main problem. Winning here after the the seeing her walk off stage live concert in England on Sunday here's a video band posted on YouTube. Drop a Mike moments yeah former editor in chief of People Magazine and our dear dear friend Larry Hackett good morning. Is here this is not the first time he's not he's not. It's not and you know I think he's going through pop star growing pains and he should go through the new movie get now called eight days a week but The Beatles if you wanna hear skulls standing screens. Go see that that wasn't so bad. Look he's growing up people going through a 37 or eight years right now he's trying to bring his audience along and they are not ready to go. So I think he that they would danys I think but he said Duff we've seen this kind of pass went out first before we'll probably see them again. And you know we was having a bad tightly police say that I want to connect reviewing the breakthrough stuff spring how he would have to say that. Think young kids at a concert near his believers. And well exactly but at what point did below do you think they're the point where these kids they thought enough of the enough. The kids know at some you know nicely not look I mean he refused to do self these awhile ago he got troubling yet is in a teenage that your dream is behaving well over the place and they would stood of that they'll withstand this of the people in Manchester maybe upset let's remember he came back out and he apologized so all's gonna be forgiven I think the trip for him is a new trick for everyone who became a pop star teen idol. Does the audience move along with them. Yeah in the weird thing like trying to drag them along that's right he's that kind of sit back and let it happen and the fact is billed The Beatles of the best in the sixties the audience does mature eventually. And if you're worth that they'll stay with you if you're not. You get edits the pilot you know teenage pop tech star's you Richard as your audience which are long awaited people's information and then I Stockton and Minnesota what what. Nobody. The make good music are sort of say that I'm curious did do you guys cope he's GO league do you have any favorite deeper zone. Who. It. The sale this cellar but. That's. I love me tender pillow haven't you the end of the week when that come gone. Beauty and the love me tender for grilled by Elvis and go not my daughter like abbate be some stupid baby you yeah what are you getting back. Come on Robin what are the what are you what are they doing back where it gives some guy I like all right here would drink. Yeah I was listen I just like you publish into the slot number. By then up to who this out telling Justin Bieber I heard 2 aisles like what am I doing so we've been given a definitely Hollis were given here. Yeah let go cocaine with Elvis wedding like people who live. DO thank you Mary Mary thank you as well.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The pop star left the stage mid-concert in Manchester, England and asked fans to stop screaming.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43039819","title":"Justin Bieber Storms Off the Stage Mid-Concert","url":"/GMA/video/justin-bieber-storms-off-stage-mid-concert-43039819"}