Jada Pinkett Smith's Defends Bieber Against 'Media Bullies'

The actress wrote a blistering facebook post standing up for Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Rihanna
2:23 | 03/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jada Pinkett Smith's Defends Bieber Against 'Media Bullies'
We are back now at 7:42 with actress jada pinkett smith on the offensive with blistering comments aimed at the media. Will smith's wife coming out and defending young celebs like justin bieber and rihanna saying they're being unfairly bullied. Take a look. You, man. Bieber's bad behavior, taylor's love tales. ♪ We are -- rihanna's rocky romance. ♪ Love in -- raging. Rampaging. Fodder for headlines but is the constant coverage of young celebrity missteps crossing the line into bullying? That's what jada pinkett smith is asking taking the media to task in a new facebook post titled "are we our young artists" she posted it on sunday asking how can we ask for our young stars to have a high level of responsibility if we are not demonstrating that same level of responsibility towards them? Jada's son is on tour with justin bieber, so she knows what justin is going through firsthand. She's also a mother of young kids and so I think for lot ofons she felt very passionate about what's going on and she had to saysomething. Bieber's troubles in london have many calling him a good guy gone bad. Smith ditcheds him writing is it okay to continually attack and criticize a famous 19-year-old who is simply trying to build a life, exercise his talents while figuring out what manhood and fame is all about? ♪ I used to say ♪ Reporter: She also goes to bat for taylor swift who's been ridiculed for her public loves and losses writing "should we shame a young woman for displaying a sense of innocence as she navigates through the hurk ki waters of love, heartbreak and fame?" And of rihanna, smith asks "what about being a young woman in her EARLY 20s EXPLORING THE Intricacies of love and power on the world stage." Her post has more than 25,000 likes. A lot of people don't feel bad for these young celebrities because they're world famous, but they're still human beings. Reporter: Smith sup it up writing "we wish we could have the capacity to accomplish half of what they've accomplished along with all these challenges they face." Smith goes on to ask "are these young children not allowed to grow and change just like the rest of us and?" And doing it in the spotlight can be not easy.

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{"id":18717470,"title":"Jada Pinkett Smith's Defends Bieber Against 'Media Bullies'","duration":"2:23","description":"The actress wrote a blistering facebook post standing up for Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Rihanna","url":"/GMA/video/justin-bieber-taylor-swift-rihanna-bullied-media-jada-18717470","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}