Justin Timberlake Goes Back to Music Roots

The pop star returns to music scene, unveils new song and music video.
3:02 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Justin Timberlake Goes Back to Music Roots
now, from justin timberlake. He's been branching out lately. Not only getting married. But doing some acting. Going to show him right there in "the social network." He's going back to his roots. He has a new song and a brand-new video released a couple of hours ago. Reporter: All night, the hard-hitting investigation. The man who brought us sexy back, he is back. Timberlake never left the spotlight, just the recording studio. The actor, teasing us a lot online, with previews in anticipation of this moment. The new dapper music video is out. And who is that woman straightening his tie? Could it be his wife? All dressed in up his suit and tie, to mark the special occasion, justin timberlake, the pop star, is back. ♪ Dress in that dress I like ♪ Reporter: This video, just released this morning, an r&b HOMAGE TO '50s RAT PACK GLAMOUR. And featuring his wedding band. Could that woman straightening his tie be his bride? His first video in seven years. He stirred excitement with this dramatic announcement. A minute-long monologue teasing his comeback. And explaining why he's been away from music so long. As great as justin timberlake is on television. As great as justin timberlake is on movies. One thing that people want from justin timberlake is justen timberlake music. Reporter: Timberlake is full speed ahead with pns to do a concert for the first time in four years. Performing at mark cuban's private party during super bowl weekend, no less. But two years ago, timberlake revealed music isn't his only focus. Comedic chops on "snl" earned him four emmy awards. Then, he got hitched. He said I do to jessica biel in october. In an effort to prove to hollywood that his star power extends beyond the music charts, timberlake starred in "friends with benefits" and box office hit, "the social network." You know what's cool? A billion-dollar valuation. Reporter: Now, with the nod to the white socks and penny loafer style made popular by michael jackson, timberlake is making a highly-anticipated return to his pop star roots. In an open letter to his fans, timberlake says he started working on his latest album in june. He's calling it the 20/20 experience. He had a bigger first week debut on itunes. Is it jessica biel? I don't think so. The jury's out. I love it. Was that that loud? Now, to the women, who are

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{"id":18301421,"title":"Justin Timberlake Goes Back to Music Roots","duration":"3:02","description":"The pop star returns to music scene, unveils new song and music video.","url":"/GMA/video/justin-timberlake-back-music-roots-18301421","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}